Monday, April 16, 2007

The Gala

Well, I am starting to get kind of excited about this big gala thing on the 10th of May. This is where all of the painted chairs will be displayed and then auctioned. I found out this weekend that the tickets are 25 bucks each! Holy Cow! This is a pretty swanky event!!! So I am starting to rethink my wardrobe. I guess it is not formal-but nice clothes are required. Soooo-here is the thing. I am wondering if I have enough time to finish my kimono style jacket (the bright red-orange-fuchsia Silk Stream from Fleece Artist) I have the back about 70% finished. That leaves the fronts and shorter sleeves (sort of wide). And then I have some of those separates- you know- the slinky knit that is really heavy when you hold it and doesn't ever get wrinkled? I have a tunic, long skirt and pants in dark navy blue-I could wear the jacket over top, right? Hmm- what else do I have....I have a hand painted silk jacket (sort of pumped up pastels). I also have a lovely linen blend suit- long navy blazer with a lovely goldenrod (hey- they named the colour) skirt and matching silk blouse. And navy pumps. I guess I want to look more "arty" (and less like a middle aged teacher). Apparently, the artists will be wearing name tags and will be introduced as "the artists" Hmmmmmmmm. What else do I have? Not much. I have a couple of dresses that are more summery (hey-this is April, now, and it is snowing to beat the band out there). I also have one extra ticket- should I take the husband (who is putting the clear coat on with a sprayer) or my mother? (who can't believe I actually have done all of this creative stuff- designing clothes, getting into books, painting chairs, and on and on).
Suggestions for clothes? For my "date"?????????

Edited later:
Oh no. It has happened again. Those poor people at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va. Bless those families who are looking for their children's names on the lists of those hurt and killed. I don't think I could bear it.


Sarah said...

Are the wrinkle free separates black? I say wear them with your kimono jacket (get knitting!).

And buy an extra ticket and take your husband AND your mother!

Anonymous said...

well you can finish the sweater if you knit knit knit and whose is your date, weel should be hubby of course but mom would like to go . is kids allowed ? if so get 4 tickets.

Anonymous said...

Ooh tough call on who to take - but I agree. If you can swing the extra ticket take them both :) If not, I'd have to say probably hubby, but I'm not married so I'm not sure how it'd turn out if you took mom!

Anonymous said...

Hi darling... It's your Treat Exchange Treater. Sorry I am late getting to you, you probably thought I had abandoned you! But No worries, I am here!
I have been busy moving into a new job and so have been tied up with that. But now I'm all settled and can focuse on what to spoil you with... Oh the possibilities!

DianeS said...

I vote for having 2 dates...hubby and Mom. As far as what to wear, you're on your own there.

Samantha said...

Two dates? Sounds like a plan to me! :)

The Virginia Tech thing is so sad. :(

Anonymous said...

Take your daughter - lol

As for clothes, whatever is comfortable is always the best bet - good luck!

~ Your SP10 Partner :-)