Thursday, January 03, 2008


You know it's cold when.........your big giant poodlehead goes out for about 4 minutes, bangs on the door to get back in (a very rare occurrence- this pup can stay out for hours), and then makes a beeline back into bed. My bed. Where he still is. With his eyes squeezed shut ("I can't see you, so I am oblivious to your requests to vacate the premises"). I think he is there to stay.
(The photo, by the way, is a repeat-I still don't have my camera back, and I have already given the old Kodak to Missie Annie, so.......)
I finally got a new calendar yesterday (gotta love those January sales- the same stack of paper was worth significantly more last week). It is called "Coffee Talk" and has retro 50's style ad pictures, with speech bubbles.
One of my favourites is an older lady, with the cup of coffee, and the speech bubble says "Espresso- Euphoria without the unsightly track marks!"
Yeah. Twisted.


Miss Scarlett said...

Twisted but hilarious!

Awwww poor Bear. That's pretty darn cold!

He looks like he loves the snow as much as Kira does.

Isn't it fun to watch them bounding over the snow?

KnitTech said...

How funny! Too bad I don't like coffee at all!

You puppy is like our cats. Three of them are in/out kitties. Its been so cold, they're mostly in door onces now.

freshisle said...

Why do they like our beds so much??? Our Shadow dog is hating the cold more and more the older he get.

DianeS said...

Gypsy here--Me peoples calls me "spud puppy" sez me same color as potato 'n spend all day on couch. Not tru...sometime I goes out n make sure all OK someime I gets in Mommy bed sometime I chases kittehs Me busy girrrl

Carol said...

Yup, it was seriously cold yesterday! Hubby and I were out trying to jumpstart the car....not fun either. I wanted to go back to bed and close my eyes too!