Monday, January 21, 2008

Baby it's cold outside!!!!!!

Well, first we had the warm weather- unnatural winds to go with it. Now we have the threat of snow and blowing snow and incredibly COLD days. The kids at school are so poorly dressed for the cold- not from lack of funds- it's all about STYLE! "Oh Mrs White! Only little kids wear snow pants!" Or, "I hate my hat- so I won't wear it" And then they complain that they are cold. "Duh, yeah, Goofy- ya don't wear the right clothes, you are going to freeze-why don't ya go and try to lick a metal pole while you're at it?????" EEEK.

Now to make you feel somewhat like the days of summer are really out there, somewhere-
My husband builds things with the kids in his class-(oops I messed up the placement of the words- and I got "kid sin")-he teaches high school-technology. So this is his little toy to play with. He tells me he is going to ride up and down the streets on this-he is almost 6 foot 3, and this is about 7 feet long, and maybe 3 and a half feet high!!!
Yeah. Film at 11.


DianeS said...

I can just imagine him riding it around the school hallways!

Carol said...

To be fair, I too did not wer the right clothes when I was a kid in order to be cool. or, more accurately, I didn't wear my hat because it would crush my cool '80s giant hairdo! Nifty bike. You WILL show pics of it in action, won't you? Please?

Miss Scarlett said...

You starts very young. I have a group of Kinders I am with right now and 4 of them won't wear their outside gear because they don't 'like' it. And not because it is itchy!

Love that bike/scooter -- do share the film. :-D

Miss Scarlett said...
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Knit Witch said...

Oh - definitely send in the video for the funniest story contest!! :)