Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year!

Oh man- I just looked out into the living room- looks like something was called for and couldn't come- man! where am I going to put all this stuff???????? So far, I have just sort of shoved all of the presents under the tree. EEEK. Oh well, I will pay for all this tomorrow. We went up to my brother-in-law's on Friday morning and got back yesterday. I realized halfway back that I had left my precious little camera at his place (yes, they are going to have it sent to me). I am just not quite used to having it yet.
I had a couple of questions about my jacket- it is suede, soft blue, with embroidery down the fronts (flowers and leaves). The style is pretty basic- a fitted shirt jacket, really. I actually wore it today with a turtleneck underneath it (it has gotten pretty mild around here). I will try to get a picture taken of me in it and let you guys decide for yourselves!
Until then- Happy New Year!

PS- I did happen to knit- I made two hats (from the kids' book by Mission Falls) except that I used the new Vanna White acrylic (by Lion?). These kids don't wear wool easily (they get rashy)-but I was pleasantly impressed by this acrylic- both in colour choice and price point. The stuff actually feels like a good wool, on top of all of that. We shall see how it wears.


Miss Scarlett said...

Ack! No camera! A blogger's worst nightmare.
Good brother in law to ship it to you.

Anonymous said...

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Carol said...

Ack! I hate it when I forget something.

Happy New Year!