Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pictures.........(lots)......brought to you by Bear

Hello-it's me, Bear. I likee my party hat- makes me look oh so suave. But we are here to talk about knitting. First off.......
First came a pile of yarn- all of this is Ottawa, by Fleece Artist/HandMaiden. It is mostly 1 ply wool, with flecks of rayon. Really cool stuff.

This is Deb's design for a sweater- top down, high waisted, lacy skirt. Even though it is is a bit blurry, it is representative of the colour of the Ottawa.

And, of course, there is always a sock around- this one is Opal Rainbow, using the new Knitpicks dp needles (Harmony wood)

And, of course, Deb is knitting for somebody's baby-this is a Zoe Mellor sweater pattern-tiger on the front- made from Naturally Buttons yarn.

And, apparently, this little guy has a thing about tails (I will keep mine to myself, thank you very much)
So there is a tail on the sweater.
I just hope the little guy doesn't wear the sweater backwards- that would look odd indeed.

Me pretty tired now- I think I am going to go lounge on my dad. Whoever has a big enough lap works for me.



Anonymous said...

i love the tiger sweater,
bear is such a baby,
glad you got the camera back
go read my blog.

DianeS said...

Gypsy here--Bear, you looks comfy! Me no fit real good on my peoples...mebbe try both at once?

Deb--Your projects look great. Fleece Artist merino/silk is one of my very favorite fibers ever to spin and knit with.

Carrie Penny said...

AW!!! I love Bear's posts!!! I adore the baby sweater!!!

Carol said...

That looks comfy, Bear. Is daddy comfy too?

Miss Scarlett said...

Hi Bear!
Nice to hear from you.
The hat looks great on you.

"I just hope the little guy doesn't wear the sweater backwards- that would look odd indeed."

HILARIOUS! I hope he doesn't do that either.

KnitTech said...

Bear did a wonderful job of tracking your projects. The rainbow socks are cute.