Thursday, January 24, 2008

I just don't know WHAT it is, but man- have I got the heebie-jeebies lately. I can't seem to settle into anything. And, on top of all that, when I was sick and coughing up lungs and a pancreas or two, I aggravated an old back injury. So now I am walking around like Lurch. (Doesn't that give you a pretty picture???) And I feel like Ruth Buzzi on a bad day. It's like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. I just can't seem to get "into the groove". I tend to think it is a combination of January (one of my least favourite months) and pain issues (I also deal with a chronic knee problem) and maybe, the fact that I haven't been knitting. I am not kidding- with this back thing, I can't get comfortable knitting!!!! I swear I am like a little kid without the comfort of her blankie!!
Years ago, before I started knitting as much as I usually do now, I wouldn't have been able to fathom how much I would miss my quiet little times spent with some needles and a nice soft wool. But it truly DOES comfort me- gives me some time with my own thoughts while keeping my hands busy. And I miss it.
Hopefully tonight I can turn on some mindless TV (hmmm- was that a repetitive thing- isn't most TV mindless these days???), get out some knitting, and just gently ease myself back into the lull. I hat e to say it, but I feel like I am jonesing for some knitting!!!!!!!!!!
What about you? Are you feeling unsettled lately as well??? Got any suggestions for how to get out of it?

Well, on the good side-February is coming- both Annie and I have birthdays coming up.
I think a contest is in order. Let me think about it-and then go stash diving for something really nice........


Miss Scarlett said...

Obviously this is a bit late, but: the next time you have a bad cough, hold a pillow against your side when you are coughing. It helps brace your muscles - for real. I had pneumonia as a teen and suffered some torn muscles and the Dr. gave me this advice. It helped with the pain and prevented further injury.

Sorry to hear you're ill.
Some months are just blah - here's to February. Only one more week.

Carol said...

unsettled is an understatement right now. discombobulated comes closer...

DianeS said...

I understand completely, had a cold last week and was too sick to knit or spin. Very unsettling and made me feel worse!

On the mend now so will continue on the socks, spinning some nice CVM and perhaps casting on something else to round out the current projects.