Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Correct me if I am wrong- but isn't this the same kind of weather we had before that ice storm? I swear I am getting the strangest dreams at night just thinking about it!

In the knitting news- I started a new something for myself- out of Fleece Artist/Handmaiden Ottawa-single spun wool with tweed flecks (viscose?) dyed with some spectacularity. I had originally bought it to make the Ilga Leja coat-

but once I got into the swatch, I figured all of those dropped stitches-well, definitely NOT me. I would be likely to catch something in a dropped stitch and make a fine mess of all the knitting. The Ottawa I ordered is sort of like this in the picture- no blue in it though- all shades of green with a touch of taupe-I LOVE it. So- I went after a knitty pattern- that I think is absolutely inspired (yes, go take a minute and look at it- you will think so, too)-Okay, you're back?-and I played around a smidgen with the gauge- and I think I am making something that just might be THE most wearable piece of clothing I will ever own. I am using progressively larger needles across the bodice-and because "the girls" need some extra playground area, I imagine I will play around with some short row shaping along the front bust(fairly easy to do with the 1 x 2 rib pattern). Or heck-I could add a stitch here and there-hiding in the ribbing-we'll see-I might do both). I plan on playing with the sleeves- maybe not so long, sort of three-quarter length? ending in a bit of a flare maybe, with a lace edging? And the "skirt" part of the thing will be lacier-instead of the cabled pattern-but dense, not "see through" lace (don't want to give up all the mystery, ya know-and, personally, some things on me are best left all covered up). And when my BIL returns the camera I accidentally left behind, I will take a picture of what I have, so far (beautiful, let me tell you).
Has anyone made this yet? Or plan on it?

By the by-isn't fashion a great thing when non-prego women can wear maternity clothes and look stylish????????????????


Miss Scarlett said...

It sure is!

Love the colour of the sweater in the pic - is that the colour of the wool you are using? Or the Ilja pattern?

Either way, I love the Knitty pattern and think it will look fabulous on you - also it will be sooooo comfy!

CresceNet said...

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ikkinlala said...

I hope you're not in for another ice storm!

I don't plan on making that pattern (it's too skirt-like for me; I don't know if I've worn a skirt since I was about eight), but it does look nice and I'm sure it'll look great on you.

DianeS said...

That is a nice looking sweater and I sure hope the camera is back soon...I want to see the yarn. Actually, I'd rather transfer said yarn into my stash!

DianeS said...

Now that you mention it, weather as nice as it was earlier in the week, in the winter, is rarely a good sign. Did you have any wind damage? We didn't, but our neighbor lost a couple of pine trees.