Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I currently drive a Hyundai Tucson (or, as one of my husband's "reading challenged" students call it- a Toucan). It has been a bit disappointing-strange transmission changes, poor gas mileage-but it is a cute little SRV. We got it in white, (the colour is important for later on in the story) two years ago-and have had some troubles with it. Anyhow-we brought it in for its regular tuneup this week-and saw that the next size up, the Santa Fe, was on for 0% financing. Hmmmmmmmmmm Now, the Santa Fe has been rebuilt since we got the Tucson. We took it out for a drive-very nice. So-we decided to go for it. When we looked at the available colours in our package, they had black or white. So, not wanting a black car, we selected the white again. (although this picture of the Santa Fe is black).

Now here is the question-are people even going to notice we got a new car? yes, it is bigger-but would the average person notice it? So we are putting it to the test.
Here is the set-up-we haven't told my mom about the car purchase. She is notorious for going into a parking lot and standing next to the wrong car (thinking it was mine). So tomorrow, we are going to take her out for ice cream. Will she notice the difference? (and please, if you know Mom, PLEASE don't tip her off)
This might be interesting.


KnitTech said...

Did Mom notice?

Anonymous said...

your mom didnt notice, did you tell her., she didnt notice it had a new smell. of course you had to have white, since it belongs to the white house. ruby