Monday, July 30, 2007

Happy Monday

Mother and I had a great visit from Ruby-an old friend and a knitter from Montreal
( . Anyhow, I knew I should have put out traps of some sort before I left to take her to the train, because look at what has become of my pool!!!!!!!! A place for the neighbourhood guys to slug back beer!!!!! Oh the debauchery of it all! (BY the way, the kids were up on the deck!)

I did get some knitting done this past week, however....... Jan, from the Wilton Road Custom Mill, has been a very busy girl. She has put up some STUNNING Merino and Sea Cell (the site is here This particular colour is called "Little Boy Blue". Anyhow, she asked if I could design a little something for 1 skein. Many thoughts-but I finally settled on baby things- because this stuff is so soft and cushy.
With help from Hudson the Bear, may I present "Baby Bolero". It is based on 4 squares(I knit up a square to demonstrate-Hudson has it on his toe), joined with garter stitch, garter sleeves, and a wrap over 2 x 2 rib collar. When Annie was wee, she had some lovely dresses, with high waists, and often needed a little something to wear with them-so voila! A little dressy sweater! So I will write up the pattern, and if Jan likes it, you will be able to get it from her.

The yarn is so lovely- wonderful to knit-and here are the specs:
Wilton Road Custom Fibre Mill
Merino/SeaCell Yarn
Designer Series
350 yds/skein

And another thing I am playing with......................

I started knitting this as a soft triangular scarf to wear with my winter coat (a very staid navy blue reefer style woolen coat). And this yarn, from Persimmon Tree, has such lovely colours in it. But I got to thinking- I have about 18 balls of Mission Falls 1824 Wool in Rhubarb ( bright,rich pink- the pink of cooked strawberry rhubarb, actually). And if I use this lacy triangle (it hasn't been blocked yet, by the way), with some short-rowing to elongate the ends, I could make a wide collar out of it. Then change to the MF1824 for a top down, raglan sleeved sweater. Do some nice princess seam shaping, adding a real waist with some length below it to balance the collar. Whaddya think? Has anyone got a pattern for something like that? I am going to give it a try, see what I can come up with. I figure it would be a neat way to use that skein or two of something you couldn't pass up at the yarn store, but didn't have enough to make a sweater.
Now- on to playing with Annie and her critters- here are the names she has come up with- Snow Lensure (a dog), Frosty Glossa (a snowman puppet), FiFi Paytrick( a Shitzu dog), Ben Leekbeen(a teddy), Abigail Coattall ( a pink monkey), Hop Linguine (he's a frog) . And no, I don't know where she gets it.


Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Nice to read about the design process.
Hudson is certainly dressed in style!

DianeS said...

Interesting idea. I think E.Zimmerman had a top-down raglan; I think she called it a nalgar. I'm sure there are other patterns, and quite possibly on my bookshelf, but not leaping out at me right now.