Friday, August 24, 2007

Storm and long haired sheep

As I said earlier, Annie has been at Guide Camp ( a day camp) all this week. Last night was the big celebration-a barbeque, an evening at Queen's Observatory-talking about the stars, and then an overnight camping trip. Rain or shine. So, around 2:00 this morning, I woke up to the loud crash and bang of a thunderstorm at full boil. Holy Cow- what the heck is going on down at the camp??? There is a large house on the campsite, as well, with enough bunk beds to house 24 people. Anyhow, that old reliable "Mommy Brain" took over at 2:30....."Is Annie okay? Is she getting wet? Is she scared? Did the Guide leaders put the kids in the house?" yada yada yada............. Now, I know that they are going to take care of her. But do you think I was ever able to get back to sleep???? Uh no. And do I have a vivid imagination? Oh yeah. Anyhow, we are to go and pick her up at 4:00 this afternoon. I imagine we will have a slightly damp. sort of tired little puppy. We'll see.

onto other things.........................

School is starting-I'm sure you've noticed all those ads ("It's the most wonderful time of the year..........POOF!") And, I swear, I am like one of the kids- I like to have a new school outfit. So off I went, in search of that perfect piece that will make me feel as confident as I look, right? And I found it-the perfect skirt. Glen check plaid-grey and black with a tiny thread of light blue. Looks like a simple, tailored knee length skirt from the front. BUT-the interest is all in the back-sewn down pleats from the waist to just above the knee, with the hem a series of flouncy kick pleats. Way, way cute. And, when I got home, I realized I had the perfect project (yes, another one) to go with the skirt. A while ago (last year? year before?) I stumbled upon a feast-there was a stash of "Sheep Shop Wensleydale Longwool" on ebay for a very low asking bid. So, of course, I jumped on it. And I scored big time-each skein has a whopping 257 yards per 100 gm-and the stash included 8 charcoal grey, 5 light blue (I used some of that for a baby gift), 2 orange, and 1 each of cream, butter yellow, purple and rose. I thought, at the time, of a fair isle tunic sweater or something. This stuff is like pure gold- the sheep are a rare breed-known for their lustrous wool-see the picture? Aren't they sweet?????Hey-don't just take my word for this beautiful yarn- Bonne Marie from Chicknits ( had an entry yesterday about her love song about the Wensleydale Longwool. Anyhow, I have over 2000 yards in the grey (and I have it in the dk weight). I have had a love affair with Arisaig (at design by a very talented Ysolda S. Teague), wondering what I could wear it with, if I made it. Now- just look at the way it goes with skirt (that big white fluff in the corner of the shot is not a sheep- it is a Bear) It would be lovely! With a little playing with the gauge, it could happen. As well, I might do a little short rowing (yes, in lace) in the boobage area. But obviously, the sweater won't get done for the start of school- but it is just one more thing to put on my "To Do" list- and hope to get it done before the skirt wears out!!!!!
Today is my lazy day- Annie will be back at supper time, and I have to start going in to school next week-so I think it is time for a little "Crossing Jordan" reruns and some knitting therapy.


DianeS said...

Now that you mention it, I have to come up with a "first day" outfit, too. I finally landed a job at the local jr. high school as computer support.

Lynne said...

That sweater is really cute. I like it too, and I'll be interested to see how you adjust for the chestal area. It really is a neat sweater...I have to go take another look!