Friday, August 03, 2007

The lemming trail

I gotta admit- I am a "joiner"-not so much in social or work situations- but most definitely in the world of knitting. But the lure of a new yarn, a novel technique, something bright and sparkly (oh- did I mention- I am not only part lemming but part crow)-I just cannot get these things out of my head! And so- the next tantalizing bit-the Kauni sweater. Oh my. Oh wow. How cool is that? I got the required amount of the EQ rainbow (gotta have me some serious colour)(from Fun Knits-see the sidebar-she got some more in, and some is still unclaimed!)-but the pattern-hmmmm. What to make? Should I do as the Harlot herself has done? Make the standard steeked cardigan? Or RedBird Knits Robyn-who has a Kauni not -cardigan underway (yeah, fancy way of saying a tunic)? Or should I just go break off on my own? I ventured over here- and downloaded their catalogues to look at some mighty fine sweaters. Since I don't have the patterns, I have to decide what I can and cannot accomplish- but I liked the look of the rose motif in this Kauni yarn and the side fastening sweaters (although honestly- how practical are they if you want to leave your sweater open? Especially when you seem to have an internal blast furnace working on overload?)(Yeah, my husband says I am still hot- only now it comes in flashes) (funnneeeeee guy) You will have to go and check out the patterns for yourselves, since I can't seem to figure out how to copy and save them-but it is worth a look! The 2006 I catalogue has a style (T301) that is particularly attractive. Oh what to do, what to do? Maybe a tunic with the rose motif and plain arms? Or use a Dale pattern as a starting point and go from there? Or..? I have also seen a lovely lacy shawl knitted out of this stuff- way gorgeous. If any of you are knitting the Kauni and are not following the cardigan pattern- shown here- -can you let me know how it is going?
Until then............................. I am now working on a baby beret to go with the baby bolero (from the Wilton Mill lovelies)-more later....................

By the way- I am in Kingston, Ontario-
Is it HOT ENOUGH for you?


Carol said...

I think you have a problem. Too many choices. But you'll solve it. Not to worry....As for "is it hot enough?" You bet! FINALLY summer has arrived. Loving every minute of it!

Miss Scarlett said...

How hot is it there?
We are hovering around 20 and waiting for thundershowers (I hope they come I love them).
Also checking the weather with baited breath - we are supposed to take our daycare camping next Tues - Thurs and right now it is calling for tonnes of rain. I am kind of hoping for it now that the workload is upon us -- boy you need a lot of gear to camp for 2 days.

Anyways - now I am so curious - going to go check out those Kauni's.

Good luck choosing!

Congrats - and so funny that your Mom didn't notice your new car.
Did you tell her afterwards?

DianeS said...

It's really good year to have a pool! It's been just as hot on this side of the lake. Knitting projects have all been small and out of lightweight woolies or cottons.

duchessofgravity said...

i somehow missed all previous online discussions of kauni lust and i think i have to make soemthing too! but it is going to have to be different i just can't stand those boxes!!! let me know if you ever decide (or have decided) on a pattern