Thursday, August 02, 2007

Great Free Patterns

I like to go the the Knitting Pattern Central- lots of good patterns-go and see it here- Another fave is the Garnstudio freebies- here- And I think Vogue Knitting has the right idea with offering some sweet styles for free--
And one cannot forget a local source- here- Oh- and by the way- Anne's got her August newsletter up -you can go here to sign up for it-
Gotta love it!

Added later.............................
Took the Mother Unit out for a spin in the new vehicle. Did she notice?


DianeS said...

My Mom just noticed that I got my hair cut (from mid-back to short)'s been short since mid-May.

KnitTech said...

Ahh, well. Mom's aren't perfect.

Samantha said...

I would notice if you got a new car. I think its indearing your mom didn't though.

Those are great free pattern sites. :)