Thursday, August 30, 2007

This is it!

Up early this morning (fantastic thunderstorm-not much rain, but an amazing light show-at 4:30 am), and I got to thinking-this is it. Summer is over for me. I had planned to do a bunch of things- as usual, but....... It's been a bit of a strange summer-at the beginning of July, I was so wiped, I could hardly stay upright and making intelligible conversation at the same time (this past school year was the first time, since the early 90's, that I worked full time. Combine that with chronic pain, and well, you get the definition of tired). We put in the pool, the fence, the decks-July was a blur! Sean worked really hard all month-so we kind of held each other up!!! Annie was in that pool just about everyday-so it was kind of nice to just sit and watch. But not very productive for other things I had planned to do! And August was not much better. But you know, it was a good summer. But now it is back to books and kids and regular schedules. I am going to go in to school today to try to get the last of the classroom work done and ready for Tuesday. I have a straight Grade 7 this time-and I am so looking forward to it! Straight grades are pretty much a rarity these days. The reasons for so many split grades are varied, but I think part of the issue has to do with capping the early primary grades. (That means limiting the number of bodies in Grades 1 and 2) So, here's how it works. Only 20 kids in Grade 1 -so an extras go into a Grade 1/2 class. Only 20 kids in Grade 2-so the extra kids (at this point, less than 20 Grade 2 kids in that class, because of the overflow of Grade 1's)go into a Grade 2/3. And on it goes. Combine that with a general belief in school boards that every child should have at least 2 potential spots in a school-to avoid clashes with a particular teacher, or potential "bad mixes" with kids. In order to do that, the splits end up happening. So how did I get a straight grade this year? A matter of numbers. We are not a large school, by any means (a total of under 275 kids in K-8). But the way the numbers turned out, there happened to be a Grade 5/6, a Grade 6, a Grade 7, a Grade 7/8 and a Grade 8. Will it happen again? Not very likely. At any rate, I am going to enjoy it while it lasts.
So now-off to finishup my coffee, run through the shower and get my classroom all finished-before it gets too hot.
So-what are your fall plans???


Anonymous said...

yes summer is over, we too had a thunderstorm but in the evening,
all the best in the new year of school and to sean also ruby

freshisle said...

Lovely! We have a 6/7 split in our school this year which is the worst. Hope you enjoy the straight grade and have a great start to the year.

DianeS said...

My plans include starting a new job on Tuesday at our local jr. high. I'll be computer support for faculty/staff. They also include sticking to my last, lingering project, hopping into the pool when warm enough and going to our Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival the entire weekend of Sept. 15-16. This is in addition to being the designated door-person for Gypsy.

Anonymous said...

I already started teaching yesterday. So today was day 2 with kids. Only 178 days to go with the students. So who is counting?

I have a 4/5 split. I have 24 grade 4 and 4 grade 5 students. I am 1 student over the limit. The next grade up is 5/6. There are 27 students.

The honeymoon is still on with the students. Give it about 2 weeks and their true colors come out.


Stitchy Fingers said...

My fall project is to declutter, but as it is an UFO project I don't know will I get it done. Could you take some pictures of your classroom once you've got it ready?