Monday, August 06, 2007

Eggs and Hat

I finished the hat for Wilton Mill (I talked about it last week-here is the site- ) (thank you, Rosalie Bear, for the modelling) I used the same Merino and Sea Cell that I knit the little baby bolero in, and let me tell you, LOVING this stuff! I based the hat on 4 squares, then picked up and knit the rest. The hat pattern will be available at the mill in a few days (I have to finish the editing process and get it up there). I zipped up there on the weekend-and you should see all the fibre she has for spinners. As well as some arty felt mats-even the "landscape mats" for the gardeners. And the Sea Cell and Merino- she has it in CHARTREUSE! (Okay, I liberated some of it) Gotta go visit.

Now that I see these pictures-the one of Rosalie Bear on her face looks a little odd-I just wanted to get a pic of the top of the hat. (No- I don't have dreams of abusing little stuffed bears).

On Sunday morning, my daughter (who is 9) decided she wanted a "fancy breakfast". I had my nose in Harry Potter (so far, loving it)-and about 20 minutes later, she appeared with this plate-poached eggs, bacon, toast, home fries. I asked her if Daddy made it for her-she said nope-she had made it herself! And the kitchen wasn't a mess!!!!!! Gotta love that microwave! (We have a microwave egg poacher, microwave ready bacon-so no stove use) I had a fleeting moment that perhaps she had made it for me, but noooooooo. She sat and scarfed it down (called it "Sunday Brunch") My little girl is growing up.
Bear report: It is after 8:00 a.m. and rainy. The big old Mr. Bear is still in bed!!!!!!


Rurh said...

Sweet little hat! I wish I didn't have to drive so far to purchase fibre in person. (Then again, maybe it's just as well...)

DianeS said...

I'm at work, but I bet our Gypsy is "holding down the couch", or possibly "inspecting her eyelids" under a tree outside. Either way, it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it!

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh, I thought she had brought it for you too! Funny.

Are you going to show us the liberated chartreuse?

I love Rosalie Bear's hat. It makes me think of Jane Austen and little boys in blouses.

How is your Kauni coming along? Did you choose a pattern?