Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A question, a comment, and some progress

A question- I am going to be in the Franklin, Pennsylvania area during the March Break. Does anyone know if there are some yarn stores in the area I should visit?

And a comment- my wee baby girl (okay- not so wee and not so baby) will be turning 9 tomorrow. Oh I can feel the grey hair just a sproutin'.

And progress- I have about 8 inches on the back of the Lopi sweater- is it ever nice-but I am going on a bus ride with a bunch of Grade 7's on Friday- to Calabogie Ski Hill- and I need something that I can knit on the bus. (and a fair isle/ intarsia Lopi sweater with about 9 colours is not that kind of a thing) Sooooooooo- I hauled out some Tivoli Aran yarn-in a warm navy with little tweedy bits-and I am going to make a plain sweater. I edged it with orange alpaca (some of the tweedy bits are orange) and I am knitting in the round all the way up. Then I plan on making the sleeves, joining it all up on one long circular, and then knitting some cables that get closer together near the neck for the yoke. Then some short rows on the back of the neck- a turtle neck collar- and baboom- a "Saturday morning" sweater. You know what I mean- that kind of warm, comfy thing that you slip on to run to the grocery store. Or to slip on under your coat. Or something that looks great with a pair of jeans and a cotton turtleneck.
So that way I can knit on the bus. With little or no chance of losing all credibility with these 12 year olds by losing my breakfast all over my lap. (I can't look down when I am travelling). So- let's aim for a picture on the weekend. [edited later- a picture of the sweater- not, well, you know!!!!!]

By the way- I also do not ski (hello- I have a total knee replacement). So I am going to knit at the chalet as well. And be the "parent figure" for all those kids when they want something. I hope the coffe is good!

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DianeS said...

I tried MapQuesting Frankin, PA and there are actually 4 different Franklin in Pennsylvania. Who knew? With that many choices, there's got to be a yarn store somewhere.

Happy birthday to your young lady, she'll always be your wee baby.

About your sweater and knitting on the word...dramamine. One of those and no more travel sick to deal with.