Sunday, February 25, 2007

a contest that looked interesting........

I picked up a copy of a new magazine- named "Adorn" -has all kinds of crafts in it-and there is a contest (on page 12)- It says...."Design a craft or home based project utilizing VELCRO brand Fabric Fusion (note- it seems to be the regular hook and loop tape- but it is applied to fabrics with a steam iron. It also says it is ideal for zipless closures, bonding gathers and pleats, applying trims.......etc) Log on to for entry details." Hmmm- this has me interested- the first prize is $500, AND a Rowenta Professional Focus Iron AND a subscription to the Adorn mag for a year. The applications can be basically anything-even though this is primarily a knitting blog. But I wonder if you folks have any brain waves that might work? I imagine knitting and velcro has some sort of application (although I think the hook part has to stay away from the knitting part). But there must be something. I know I have used the stick on Velcro dots (love those puppies) for just about everything-I even had the kids in my class attach them to the sides of boxes and clean milk cartons to use them as building blocks for some projects we were doing. But iron on? Hmmmmm. The other contest I liked was this one- "One Beautiful Mess wins! To enter, send us a photo of your latest crafting clutter-the messiest will win. Entries must be received by 4/9/07. " Email me if you want the address. Anyhow- you can win something called a goClean- a lightweight vacuum that works on spills both wet and dry alike.

I also found mention of something I would like to try- It is the Louet kit to try some hand dyeing- easy and in your own kitchen, apparently. I have "done" the Kool Aid dyeing-This is some fingering weight that I have done- with about 8 different flavours of KoolAid. But I want to try some of the Gaywool dyes- to experiment a bit. This kit includes yarn to practice on, as well. Hmmmmm. Anyone know of a Canadian source? Edited later: My friend, Ruby, came through with an address-Louet North America3425 Hands Rd,Prescott, ON, CanadaPhone: 613-925-4502Fax: 613-925-1405 email:
Now to ask about ordering. Anyone with me?

Anyhow- back to marking papers- report cards are coming......blech.

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Miss Scarlett said...

Love your hand-dyed yarn! Beautiful.
I have never seen that kit before- what a great idea. And comes with yarn? That is perfect.
Good luck - I hope you find it....and share the link.