Saturday, February 03, 2007

My next project(s)

Yup-projectSSSSSSSSSS. I can't seem to commit to one thing lately. I want to work on the sweater from the Knitty surprise. It is stunning. AND I have reworked the pattern to incorporate a light worsted weight gauge instead of the fingering weight (mind you, it would be tres stunning in a fingering weight). And I also have the Fleece Artist vest on the needles (see Dec. 28 post). The yarn is Scotia Silk (half silk, half merino) and is very yummy. The knitting part is side to side-you knit one row, slide the stitches back to your starting point on the circular (or swing needles, should you have sprung for them), pick up the second ball of yarn, knit for awhile with that, eventually turn the piece and knit with the first yarn again. Makes for a great way to cut up the variegation so as to avoid pooling and weird jags.

AAAAAAAnd- do you recall Big Blue? She's back out from the marination chamber. I was going to go with no sleeves and make it a vest. Then sleeves. Then no sleeves. Now we are back to sleeves. So I am knitting away on the final sleeve (one is attached, ready to go). By the way. I attached the sleeve into the armhole by picking up exactly the same number of stitches (as the top of sleeve) around the shoulder socket. Then I lined it all up and do a three needle bind off on the inside of the sleeve. Now, I suppose I could do the three needle bind off on the outside- and I would get a much different look-sort of a designer ridge. But when you do it on the inside, you get a tailored, nicely finished edge, and no puckering or silly pinning on the sleeve.

What to do first? Hmmmmmmmmm.

Edited later.........

What do you get when you take a major snowy day, such as this
and add a big goofy four footer?
You get THIS ! (Doesn't Bear have a great smile?)
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Anonymous said...

love big blue ruby

Miss Scarlett said...

That is the best picture! Look at how delighted Bear is - couldn't be any happier. My baby loves the snow too, so much fun.
I love the 3 needle bind off for joining the sleeve - what a brilliant idea. And to do it so that the join is on the outside is all the rage fashion-wise right now.
The silk and merino blend sounds decadent.
Enjoy your projects - I can't focus on one at a time either!

DianeS said...

Our airedale, Gypsy, loves the snow, too, but she wants her people outside to play with her. I was so close to getting that vest kit this summer, but decided on the sea silk shawl instead.

donnac368 said...

I am working on the Celtic Vest right now and I seem to have lost my pattern design under the second armhole. When I use only Y1 to do those 8 rows in pattern I dont get the same look as using Y1 and Y2 in pattern. Did you have this problem too? It's not major and I may not even rip back but it is strange.