Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Any chance of a storm day tomorrow?????

You know, the one redeeming quality about February is that there is a possibility of a storm day. That one elusive "day off". I know, I know- we teachers do not have a day off. We have to get to the nearest school when it is safe to do so. And the school where I work is probably one of the three that are closest to my house. But the reality is- the snow day is a "day out of the ordinary". You are never quite sure if you are even going to have any students who show up! Of course, there are the "walkers"- the die hards who get all bundled up every day and get themselves to the school. And the other "tough parenting" kids- those whose parents belong to the "I had to walk five miles in the snow up to my shoulders, uphill, both ways" line of thinking. They are the parents who will drive their kids to school as soon as the "bus cancellation" notices are heard on the radio. These kids arrive early! And occasionally, you will have a kid who didn't hear the notice, and came to school-it is worth it to see that kid's face when he finds out!
But the day is not usually one of teaching- because over half of your class is away. So you have your lesson plans all done- for the next day- and this day is a little gift. You generally share your kids with other teachers/classes-so you end up getting a little more time to yourself to "do" stuff- either putting up that bulletin board, or getting some marking done, or...? whatever. And you get to have fun with the kids who are there- your day is filled with games in the gym, or movies, or art classes, or visiting the library for as long as you want.
It's a little gift of time from Mother Nature.
So everyone- get out there and do the "Snow Dance"!!!!!!!!

Edited later:
Okay- which one of you didn't dance?????????


Miss Scarlett said...

Uh-oh sounds like you didn't get your storm day.
Maybe a big one is on the way and you will get 2 days!
Isn't it funny the diehards out there - the same thing happens in daycare.

Anonymous said...

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