Thursday, February 08, 2007

my mitts- so far

Lookee lookee-these are my version of the Molas Mittens from the Morehouse Merino Knits Book. This is, of course, Big Giant Poodle Head mitten, and the other one will have my little Butterscotch Baby (the Boufman). I made the mitten itself out of Naturally Merino and Fur, knit at a tight gauge- me likem dis stuff. I haven't put the thumb on yet, since I am using the needles for the other mitten. But you get the idea.

My husband thinks I've lost it.

Little does he know- I never actually had "it".


Anonymous said...

thatr mitten is so cool, makes mine put to shame.
you hubby doesnt under stand knitting do he?

DianeS said...

And just what does he think you lost? The mitt is just adorable and so looks like Bear...even the smile.

Leanne said...

I've never had "it" either. I always figure I don't miss what I never had.

Those are awesome mittens!

Samantha said...

Very nice!

Lynne said...

Perfectly Wonderul mittens! And, you designed the bathrobe? It's awesome!

Beck said...

OMG Deb that is georgous!

Miss Scarlett said...

I love your mitten so much!! That is brilliant. I have no clue what your husband could be referring to.
I am dying to make those myself - I am going to have to go buy that book!