Sunday, May 14, 2006

Today is Mother's Day-and so far, so good! My daughter (she is 8) and her daddy took me out for a lovely brunch, and then a movie ("The Wild") -very funny, by the way. And, after a luxurious middle of the afternoon bubble bath, and a quick nap- now we are off to visit my mother and make supper for her. Quick question-When I go to the movies, I always bring my knitting. It had to be something easy- not a whole lot of pattern-basic stuff. Does anyone else do that? I have looked around, and don't see many knitters, but maybe they, like me, wait until the lights go down before taking out the yarn? Where else do you folks knit?
By the way- this picture is for Ruby-this is my Booga Bag, witha little Phildar wool blend eyelash at the top (I can't remember the name of it, but it felts, too!- well, the part that is wool, anyway!)

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ruby said...

nice bag deb.