Monday, May 15, 2006

After cruising through my list of blogs that I read in the morning(now that I am off work for awhile-the "knee surgery" holiday) (No, it still doesn't really feel like a holiday to me), I have noticed that many knitters have cats. Not me. Oh no. I have one rather shameless fur guy-Mr. Boufu Butterscotch. How did he get the name? Well, years ago, when I was first married, I was enjoying a little extra sleep in time, when my husband (getting ready in the bathroom) turned on the hair dryer. I sat up, wondering, "What the...???" (my husband is the drip dry and go kind of fellow)-so I called out- "Is that you? What are you doing?" He replied "Yeah, it's me, and I am boufu-ing my hair." Well, I rolled out of bed laughing (my husband has not used the hair dryer since- on his hair, at any rate-he may have used it to set some glue on an airplane or something). Anyhow- the word "boufu" stuck in my head (does anyone know the first usage of the word ontv?)-and so, when I got this little guy (for my first anniversary present, by the way)-he became BOUFU (the Mr. was because he likes to be formal, and the Butterscotch is because he needed a last name). And this is what he is doing right at this moment-the brazen fellow. And I am knitting furiously on my secret project (I promise I will show something soon that I CAN show). Ta ta- must knit! Deadline approaching!

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