Saturday, May 13, 2006

Good morning all! Today I absolutely HAVE to get going on my top secret project! I can tell you that it is for an upcoming book, and that I got my contract from Interweave this week. I can also tell you that the yarn that was chosen for the project (not by me) is absolutely GORGEOUS and very "rich and creamy". I have to say, the yarn is not one I would have chosen, because of the very high cost. I had selected a less expensive yarn, thinking that even with this yarn, it was a costly proposition. But, when the selection committee asked if I would consider another yarn (of course, thinking that I had gone too expensive), I ws floored when I was shown the new yarn!!!!!!!! Very luxurious. And fun to knit, since I don't think I could have ever afforded anything out of this yarn! So- enough talking- MUST GO KNIT! (and drink coffee, to make the knitting go even faster!). Have a good weekend, folks!

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ruby said...

yes Deb, you better get at the knitting, you have a dead line remember
happy mothers day