Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I gotta rant, here, for a minute. These fake Paypal things are making me nuts. Did you know that the fake ones will NOT be addressed to you by name? I also notice that these criminals use an address with capital letters in it, whereas Pay Pal does not. But why are they picking on me???? I don't answer the darn things. They are just extremely annoying. Extremely. I saw another blogger had a large amount of $$$$ magically removed from her account by the fake paypal. ouch. But it is now resolved (I think) Okay- rant over- on to other things.
I went to physio again today. My leg hurts. Big time. I know it takes time for a knee replacement to "settle", but some days are better than other days. Let me tell ya. Knitting is coming along. I am still working on the secret thing (which I truly love) and also on another sweater-for me. It is made out of Silk Stream by Fleece Artist-in Mermaid colourway Blue, with purples and green and a bit of taupe). I got it from Grand River Yarns in Paris, Ontario (very nice lady)( ) The body of the cardigan is quite wide, made out of diamonds (loosely based on a "Just One More Row" pattern). I am planning a collar-out of some Fleece Artist Ottawa (dragonfly colourway) that I won on ebay from Robyn Gallimore ( is her business) (another really nice lady). I hope it all works- I imagine I will have to put some of the Ottawa on the cuffs, to tie it all together. More later, when I can take pictures to tell you what I mean.
Now- back to secret knitting and your previously scheduled programming.....................

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