Friday, May 12, 2006

I read a lot of blogs- mostly knitting ones. And I have often thought to start a blog of my own, but never had the "get up and go" to start one. Now I do. I am recovering from a major knee surgery, and I need something to do. A friend of mine once said, " A mind like yours at rest is, well, not pretty to watch". So now you know the origin of this title!!!!!! I am new at this- so bear with me if I make mistakes. This blog will be about knitting, rambling, ideas, knee surgery, kids- whatever strikes my fancy (except work). Welcome aboard!

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Suzanne said...

Good for you, Deb! This is new to me - just posting. A friend of a friend etc. in Washington once stated that "there seems to be a ton of knitters in Ontario, Canada" so this new site is a good idea.