Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Canada Day!!!!!!!

And here it is again- a beautiful day, weather-wise, I am on holidays, life is good! And here are 10 best reasons to love Canada (courtesy of sympatico) http://lifestyle.sympatico.msn.ca/100+reasons+to+love+Canada/Living/NEWContentPosting_HM?isfa=1&newsitemid=258711&feedname=TRANS-HOMEMAKERS&show=False&number=0&showbyline=True&subtitle=&detect=&abc=abc&date=False
Interestingly enough, the tenth good thing is actually Tim Horton's!!!! (Since I am a teacher, there are always gifts at the end of the year-I feel kinda funny taking them, but at the same time, quite honoured. Anyway-this year, I got $35.00 (!!!!) in Tim Horton's gift cards (among other things) Oh my! I usually start the day with a thermos of coffee-I guess the kids were paying attention!)
I also got the neatest thing- it is a storage basket-given to me as a picnic basket-and since I can't seem to get Blogger to insert picture here- you will have to wait until Blogger is over its hissy fit!
Off for a swim-Gee I love summer holidays!!!


Bea said...

Happy Canada Day!!!!

Carol said...

$35 of coffee! Yay! As for blogger hissy fits, try uploading your pic to flickr, then pasting the url into the html tab. That's what I do when blogger get feisty.

DianeS said...

Happy Canada Day!

I think that list was a bit out of order...#1 reason to like Canada...the people. #2 is Tim Horton's (and I'm very thankful that there are not just one, but two Tim's within 5 miles of my home).

Miss Scarlett said...

That's great!
We got coffee cards at the end of the year too - I always think that it is so nice of parents to be that thoughtful.
Helps you forget those rough patches earlier in the year...