Friday, July 11, 2008


Okay, it's official- there's a new kind of crack cocaine in town. It comes up to you quietly, slinking into your neighbourhood without too much excitement. They call it Woolmeise. Yeah, I'm sure you've seen all the craziness on Ravelry-why is it so addictive, so smooth, so rich in colouration, why oh why do we want it so?

Be prepared- the images following are not for young children, faint of heart, or those weak willed in the audience (ask me how I know that last one). I got up at an ungodly hour, I started the vigil to the posting of the yarn, I had my Paypal and credit card all lined up and ready.....and week later, I have the makings of a beautiful shawl/wrap, or else I have a lovely "reach out and touch me" display-if I don't ever get the right nerve up to crack open one of these babies- and please, keep in mind, that my camera does not like to catch "red" in its images, so multiply the beauty of the yarn that you can see by about 72 jillion (that's a technical knitting term)-
And yes, the blurriness does exist- but it is the truest colour of all my shots. (These babies, by the way, are resting comfortably on yet another red loveliness- my Filatura di Crosa 127 Print "Boyfriend Sweater"- for me. It still needs a sleeve- but it is truly an amazing yarn, in an amazing colourway.)
Why not go over to the Wollmeise website, click on the different yarns, and go and drink in some yarny goodness. Ya know ya wanna.


Bea said...

I just don't get the wollmeise thing. I haven't knit with it, but I've seen it a LOT at knitting night and I'm just not thrilled by what I've seen. So what makes it so good to you?

Carol said...

Get thee behind me, evil temptress!

freshisle said...

Beautiful red! I'm going. Just for a look. Famous last words!

gaspe knitting gal said...

oh boy they are sooo nice, hoe mine will be too

Miss Scarlett said...

Mmmmm they look beautiful -- red is so hard to get a picture of properly. They look like they have some pink in them too?

If you can believe it - I'm not into wool shopping at the moment. Must be ill or something! Glad this virus hasn't hit you. ;-)

Ruth in Ottawa said...

I found the Wollmeise very "splitty" and the socks I knit don't hold their shape all that well...but the colours are unbelievable, aren't they?! I think it would make a gorgeous shawl. I've never seen a merino yarn base like this one before, with all of those super-fine plies. Knit it quick and show us photos!

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