Thursday, July 03, 2008

Bear says he no like dem boom booms

We, however, really did. We went over to RMC and watched them over the water. Great Canada Day!
This is our "group".
And our view (isn't Kingston lovely?)

And THIS is the amazing basket that I got from a student. I just LOVE it. It is lightweight, large enough to carry a book or two, some knitting, the telephone- whatever! And I could even put a picnic in it (as it was meant to be).
And today is the day to sit and knit a bit until the rain stops, then go out and weed!! (should be a major job)


Miss Scarlett said...

Kira doesn't like those big booms either (great pic of them though) not that she's ever been - but she was so scared of the drumming at a Pow Wow I never took her to the fireworks.

Glad you all liked it.

The basket is wonderful! What a great gift. It looks perfect for toting knit projects about.

Miss Scarlett said...
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DianeS said...

Gypsy sez I not sure of big booms. Sumtimez OK, sumtimez not

We'll see how she acts this year. One of the houses behind us seems to be into fireworks, so this weekend could prove to be interesting!

Love the basket, what a nice looking basket and just the right size for either picnicing or knitting!

Bea said...

No worry beawr. I potect you! Gussy and me no fraid no stupid boom boom. We beat dem up for u! Just let finish nap first.

Love the basket! Seems like it could be really useful.

Carol said...

Very nifty basket. I guess that student knew you pretty well, eh?