Friday, July 18, 2008

For my friends, Abby and Gusmeister

Dear Gus and Abby,
I was starting to look too shaggy- kinda like these guys........

And da Big Bear was getting too hot!

But I is way too tired to show off my new do.

I is dreaming of romping around with two bulldog peoples. I promise I play nice!
PS- My momma says I is way too big for this girlie little rocker, but I promise- I very comfortable!!!!


gaspe knitting gal said...

Bear looks so comfy laying there

Bea said...

Hi Beawr!!

Dis Abbys!! (and Gustus here toos) We's allow to read you blog. You look cute with new hair. We have small hairs, no cutting. Gus loose lots thoughs.

Where we meet in middle? Mom says long long driving. We be sausted when get there. Car make us tired dogs. We nap together first?? You like cars? Be long drive you too.

I like you rocker. I have chairs. Comfy big chairs with cold leather. Near windows. Make me happy because it hot here. Mom not like us on fabric ones. Say get smelly and dirty, no bulldog allowed.

Got to go, Gus wants playing,


(Gustus loves you too! He think he need brother not cats!)

PS. I've decided that I either need to quit meeting people that live in Canada or the northern US that have dogs or move somewhere up there. Moving seems unlikely, but then so does stopping meeting people with dogs. Funny thing is I don't know anyone with big dogs around here, but there are lots of little Chihuahua sized dogs. I never see any big dogs out walking. There used to be a gorgeous husky mix but they seem to have moved away and they always turned back when we were out walking and got near them. Abby is well behaved on the leash so it wasn't bad behavior that scared them off.

PPS. I think Kentucky might be a little far for us to drive just for a playdate. :( The western tip of Kentucky looks like it is halfway as the crow flies. My grandparents actually used to live right there too. Its a shame that it is so far though because Bear, Abby and Gus seem like they could be a good personality match.

DianeS said...

Gypsy sez it way too hot here 'n iz happy I gotz hairz cut a little bits ago. I likes my tree and the basement. Daddy puts fan on just for me!

Carol said...

If the chair is comfortable, don't let them judge you!