Sunday, July 15, 2007

This is a knitting blog, right?

Well, I truly HAVE been knitting. On stuff. Things that I have to get done. Some sort of secret and under construction (more on that later) and some not. A colleague from work chairs a fund raising organization in memoriam to her husband (who taught- and chaired-I think-economics at Queen's University). Every year they do a silent auction kind of a thing- so I have been asked in the past if I would donate something. No sweat. But what? We settled on a felted bag-sort of a messenger style bag with Noro Kureyon on the flap, and Cascade 220 for the rest. I am also setting it up to pick up icord down the "corner edges" to give it some shape. And do I have a pattern? Nah. That's fer sissies. But if it all works out, I will photograph it (before and after felting) and write out the pattern for anyone who would like to try it.

I actually like making bags. I have a huge felted one (out of Lopi) that I use as a knitted bag (I know- pics) And I had some fun designing up a little "lunch bag" kind of thing with Jenanne, an old friend on the Internet.
It was knit out of ivory cotton and denim cotton (probably Rowan), with the band from an old pair of jeans as the trim. At the time, there weren't a lot of patterns out there for bags, so we thought we might flog it as a pattern, but...never got around to it. My other favourite bag was a Noro one- for a very dear friend, Julia. She used it for a lunch bag, or a carry-her-junk bag-whatever. But it turned out very well. It was a variation on the original Booga Bag. I had some feltable eyelash (from Phildar) that I used around the top- the coolest stuff- I think I have some left in the blue and also in a red. It had feltable fibers on a tough polyester thread-so the thread pretty well disappeared in the felting, and the fibers got all wild and wonky. Phildar no longer makes it, but it was really cool while it lasted.
So-when I have more to show on the new messenger style bag, I will. Until then...knit knit knit.........................


Carrie Penny said...

I got it, I got it! I was so worried with the neighbor kids being out for summer, but I beat them to it! Thank you so much! I love love love the yarn! I haven't had a chance to sit down with the book to read through it, but it looks really neat! Thank you!

Miss Scarlett said...

Messenger style bag....I can't wait to see that. I am such a sucker for messenger bags.
Love the idea of the jeans around the top of the bag. Fun details make all the difference.