Friday, July 20, 2007

Things I am not doing for the summer.............

Every September, like a good teacher, I have the students write me a wee composition, so I can get a sense of their writing skills (or lack thereof). In past years, I remember writing the Godawful "What I Did on My Summer Vacation". eek. Boring boring boring. So, what I generally ask my students to do is to write "What I Didn't Do on My Summer Vacation". Lots more interesting, IMHO. So here goes a starting version......
On my summer vacation, I didn't obsess about all the things I should be doing-instead, I have been spending some time reading really good books and watching late night movies.(we have the movie channels-got them last year when I had my knee replacement-we were going to get rid of them when I was up and around, but..... well, you know how that goes).
So far, I didn't get to go swimming everyday (as I had hoped) in our newly installed pool, because, well, the weather in July has been horrid.
I didn't get to finish any one knitting project so far- I love them all, so I knit a bit on everything! (Startitis is rampant here in the White household).
I didn't finish any major housecleaning. (no big surprise here)
I didn't get to sign up for the Mystery Shawl- I thought I had, and then found my message in the "outbox"-it had a slight error in the address (I am not a typing goddess) and so it didn't get sent. BUT, since I only tried to send it in the last day of the sign up, it would be my own darn fault for not checking. But, it would have been fun.
And, what else? Oh- I didn't get one report in for school- I still have to do that.

So many what if's.

At the end of the summer, maybe I will do a wrap up of all the things I did accomplish!

The family is off tomorrow to Peterborough for "an extended luncheon" in honour of Aggie (my husband's grand mother) who passed about a month ago. She didn't want a memorial. No service. Not even a service at the grave. Just an "extended luncheon" where we can all remember her.
What a class act.

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Carol said...

I completely agree with you. Summer so far sucks! I am still waiting.....