Monday, July 02, 2007

I made it.

Holy Mother of all things precious- but I made it through another school year. And for those who are counting-that is 26 years of teaching. (Yeah, I know- I started teaching before some of you were even born) (Just be quiet and don't point it out and everyone lives another day) So- does that make people think I am a little old blue headed granny???? Absolutely not. This is an not entirely flattering picture of me (and my ever loving pooch, the Bear). I guess I stopped getting older "in my head" when I was about 24- I can't seem to get any more mature than about 13, most days, but hope to God I don't look like I am almost 50 (my last birthday, I told the kids in class that I was thirty-eighteen). And no, that isn't meant to be shopping for flattery- I just think that one's picture of a teacher who has taught for over 25 years needs to be updated. I get a kick out of my class of 12 and 13 year olds- lots of times, they even ask where I buy my clothes- and would they be able to get an outfit like such and such (Isn't that a hoot- a teenager wanting to dress like a middle aged teacher!)

But on to other major issues -today is our anniversary! I married my sweetheart, Sean, on this day, 13 years ago! The wedding took place out in my in-laws garden (a beautiful spot) and, at 7:15 pm. just after our vows, over 400 little twinkly lights came on in the trees (thank to my husband's good planning and lots of work).
This is one of my favourite pictures of my husband.
Happy Anniversary, Sean! Here's to another 13 years- at least!
(dinner out and other celebrating later this week)


Julie McC. said...

Congratulations. Best Wishes. Many more!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you two , lots more. ruby

Carrie Penny said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh! Happy Anniversary - to both of you.

To be able to say teaching is fun after 26 years...a gift!