Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This kidlet of mine......

She is 8. And can be as sweet as they come, as well as wear the devil ears and the forked tail (Lord help us all when puberty hits) Anyhow, she comes home from school and tells me that her teacher read her writing, and thought it was pretty good. And what did I think? So I asked to see what it was all about. She said that she was supposed to write a thing about what you wear on a cold day and what you might do out in the snow. Okay-sounds kinda staid, but let's have a look.

And this is what she wrote.......

Snow Breeze

When it snows. the wolf pups howl. When the wind whistles in the tree top, I watch the birds fly off. They land on the bittersweet, eating the sweet berries of red. When I walk, my feet crunch in the snow below me.

It is now the month of January. When I go sledding, I come home to a warm cup of hot cocoa. Cars zoom here and there on slush covered roads.

I put on my warm jacket, mittens, hat and snow pants and go outside. I make a snowman with big, bright eyes. I will build a snow wall around him. The day darkens. It is getting late. I go inside and take my wet clothes off.

That night, I have a dream, a nice, quiet and heavenly dream of snowflakes around me! The next morning, I wake up and look out the window. It has snowed like in my dream.

Winter is all around me!

That is exactly how she wrote it, except for those "comma things" (she wanted me to put them in).
I sometimes wonder where she came from, and how I happened to get so lucky.


knitting gal from gaspe said...

does she take after her mom. maybe
very nice story.

Miss Scarlett said...

Your daughter has the heart of a poet!

Carrie K said...

That's positively prose. Beautiful.

duchessofgravity said...

what exquisite prose. you are lucky to have a little on ethat is so gifted!