Monday, January 01, 2007

Pictures to ring in the new year!

First things first-my mother-in-law is a very talented quilter, and we have been getting a quilt or a wall hanging as a Christmas present. But this year? Well, she outdid herself. I will get a better picture when I have this hanging up in my own house, but this is a shot of it when I opened it. This amazing piece is made up of about 1700 tiny squares of grey or white or patterned fabric (each square the size of your little fingernail) that has been put together as a picture-and it is Annie's class picture from Grade Two. When I first opened it, I was looking at it close up, and could not figure out what the heck it was. But a little distance, and voila-the picture cleared. Isn't it amazing????? She said that each square is glued down with a glue stick, and then a fine tulle is put over the top, then quilted. Then a fabric frame is sewn around it. Amazing, really. And I love it.

And next, we have what happens when you mix the Bear with a little bit of snow and a measure of sunshine. He loves to play, this big old puppy of mine.

And he has also learned to pull Annie on her sled-we attached the ropes of the sled to the harness (it is a lovely fur lined harness- we use it to help him sit securely in the car-the seat belt slides through a part of it and then he can be safe)

Doesn't he look like he is having fun? (and no, he didn't do that all afternoon-he mainly ran around, eating snow and dancing). I swear he is a part of the River Dance chorus line!!!!!!!!!
Have a lovely day, all of you. We had planned to go for a flight over the city(our traditional way to welcome in the New Year) and then a chili lunch at the Kingston Flying Club, but I suspect the weather will ground the airplane. We shall have to wait and see!
Happy New Year!


Leanne said...

What an amazing quilt! Your mother-in-law sure is talented! I'm sure that will be a cherished keepsake forever.

Sure looks like Bear is having a good time. My dog loves the snow too, though she doesn't romp as much now (at almost 11) as she did when she was younger.

Happy New Year!

miss ewe said...

That quilt is crazy amazing!
Welcome to 2007! See you soon for some knitting and coffee in K-town.

Miss Scarlett said...

Wow. That is an incredible quilt. What a big job that must have been too. Good for her for keeping it a secret from you. That would be quite a trick for me.
I love the pics of your dog. He looks ecstatic out there in the snow!
I have a little dog who loves the snow too - she runs and jumps like a crazy thing. She is half poodle - and dances too. Must be a poodle thing.

Jen said...

Happy New Year! Amazing quilt. Looking forward to seeing you soon. :)