Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lookee what we did on New Year's Day! We all took a flight around the city-in a long "line up"- we went over Kingston, and Wolfe Island-made a special flight over the hospital to say hello to one of our members who is ill.

BY the way- you can hardly see me in this picture-Annie (our daughter) is the kidlet in the bright aqua and maroon jacket. My husband, Sean (the pilot) has his hand on her shoulder. And me- I am the floating head behind Annie. I know- not much of a pic!

I do love to see what people look like- so I challenge all bloggers to post a (good) picture of yourselves up on your blogs. Just to see who we are "talking to" everyday. Leave me a message so I can go and "meet" you.


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duchessofgravity said...

the flying trip sounds like lots of fun. i wish wish wish i had a friend closer who had a plane i've been up in an old biplane down in arizona but it was far to long ago! glad to se eyou guys are well. oh and i posted a photo a couple days ago so go laugh at me ;)