Friday, January 05, 2007

First Project of 2007!

But first of all- a picture of the back drop I painted for the school's Winter Concert. Initially, the principal wanted me to make a backdrop with penguins all over it. I talked her out of it, because 1) the landscape around penguins is pretty bleak- no trees or anything and 2) I would have to make the penguins about 4 feet tall to match the size of the backdrop, and at that point, they would look like sort of scary little children. So she let me do my own thing. So I did some Northern Lights and some typical "north of Kingston" landscape. She was happy.
And the BGPH (aka Big Giant Poodle Head) (aka Bear) (aka Forest)-he loves the snow. Or rather, LOVED it- now we have a deluge of rain. And I know it has been raining all night- three of my neighbours have their sump pumps on maximum (luckily, we are dry) (for now) (well, except for that leak in the hot water heater)(just started this week)(gotta do something about that).

And my first structural failure of 2007- My PURSE! I really like this purse- it is a good vinyl, but it looked nice. And it had a failure. Right in the middle of a mall!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And now the project- it isn't finished yet- but it is way cool- Trendsetter Yarns Dali, 100%cashmere, steel grey (this season's "IN" colour). My design- a ruffle on the ends, a big cable up the middle (well, actually two, turned in opposite directions, with a purl stitch up the middle), and 1x1 rib on the edges. It is a commissioned piece-I got the cashmere from the Destash blog-and had thought to make something for me. BUT- grey did very, very little for my colouring. So-the new owner is a strawberry blonde, who dresses impeccably. So- a match.

And now to finish the darn thing. I want to knit on my own stuff, dammit.
Oh- before I forget- the cable pattern came from a new book- "Cables Untangled"- that I got for Christmas. Can you feel the cable love???????MMMMMMMMMMMMMM.


duchessofgravity said...

pretty cables pretty blackdrop. sorry to hear abou tthe purse :( good luck finding a new one i hear that can be a hassle...i tend to use pockets i know i'm anti girl what can i say? :)

knitting gal from gaspe said...

nice scarf . deb.

Miss Scarlett said...

Wow. That backdrop is incredible! What a talented woman you are.

DianeS said...

Your backdrop is wonderful! Our Gypsy has had precious little snow to play's the year of the never-ending mud season around here. My floor may be permanently dirt-colored!

So get shopping for the new purse. I really dislike shopping of any kind except for fiber, yarn and purses. I saw the neatest tote in Gander Mountain the other day. Just chock full of pockets and room to spare for a small bag to take into the store.