Friday, January 19, 2007

My class, or how I spend my days........

It seems we have snow- the soft, clumpy, sticks on the trees, Christmas Eve kind of snow-today. (and mud for Christmas) My students (Grade 7) were all out in snowpants making snow angels in the yard. Gotta love a group of kids who are so comfortable and secure in their own skins that they will forgo the usual "cool" in order to kick back and have fun.
We also made a geodesic dome today, in class, out of 5 newspapers and a bunch of tape. It is about 3 meters across, maybe 2 and a half high. (yeah yeah- pictures. I know)
I have a pretty cool class this year.


Carrie K said...

They all sound cool, the snow, the geodesic dome, the class.

Peg said...

Can I get into your class as an adult student? It is cool to be around kids - well most of the time!