Monday, March 31, 2008

I am bummed

Maybe it is this need for me to see something other than white stuff on the ground by April. Or perhaps I don't enjoy this nasty turn my knees have taken (as in swollen and OW) so I think I will do myself some intensive therapy. First of all- booked a sick day for tomorrow so that I can give my knees lots of ice and elevation. 2-get my knit- knit projects together and my movies (this is "TV Turn Off Week in our city- so having a 10 year old who would benefit by no TV/more activity is a GOOD THING. But I feel I have to watch tv in a sneaky, undercover way so that I am not teasing her)(and I have that last Stargate movie just calling me- I haven't been able to watch it all the way through- so tomorrow, Bear and I are going to watch it) and 3- forget about my worries and just kick back for a day.
Sounds like a plan, eh?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


This is a pic of the vest I just finished. The yarn? Tahki Donegal Tweed in teal. I love, LOVE this yarn- the colour is richer and deeper than in the pictures (my camera wants to wash out the richness of the blue-green). I didn't really have a pattern- what I wanted was a garter stitch round neck, garter bands and garter around the bottom. I liked the black matte rectangular buttons- they look very sophisticated against the tweed. I even designed a little element in the back to allow for an increase around the bustline (gotta get the boobage taken care of). It is just a simple "vee" of eyelets to add some stitches. See?

Yeah, hard to see- but trust me- it IS there. So, I blocked each piece before I sewed it together- and's TOO BIG. I guess I over estimated. Luckily I have a friend who really likes my errors, since they usually fit her!!!!

I am totally pooped today-just a really long day. I kinda feel like Bear does in this picture.

Doesn't he look comfortable? (That is his favourite toy-the gorilla gets a stiff beating every other day or so, but then he gets loved deeply).
By the by- Bea, over at is having a contest- you might want to go over there just to see her beautiful babies- Gus and Abby- yeah it is so worth a look!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!!!

This is my mom.

This is my Mom. And today is her birthday! People who have met her usually give me an incredulous look when they realize how old Mom is-she was just turning 30 when she had me, and I am 49. So do the math!!! (and this is a recent photo of her). Mom only admits to 39, but that kind of fell apart after I turned 39!!!! Mom lives on her own, and takes care of herself-and her house (although she finally succumbed to hiring someone to mow her lawn-a huge corner lot-and plow her drive). But she is amazing!!!! She cracks me up when we go shopping together, and she spots someone "older" in line behind us. She always suggests that we let the "older lady" go ahead of us (the "older lady" is usually younger than her!!!!!!) Mom sews, quilts, knits, crochets, and cooks up a storm!! (in fact, at Christmas time, she made the fruitcake, the shortbread and a few batches of cookies for me, because I was too busy to make them! Isn't that awesome???) When we go out clothes shopping, I "make" her try on all kinds of clothes to entertain me (the two of us end up laughing like fools). Mom used to travel all over the place-Barbados, California, Florida, -all kinds of warm spots-with a friend (who has now died). She tells tales of sitting on their balcony in their nighties drinking rum!!! (Yeah, she will kill me if she knows I put that little tidbit on line) (and I may get some way kinky google connections from THAT one).

But my mother is really one in a million. Happy Birthday, Mother!!!! We love you!

Friday, March 21, 2008

First, Spring Officially begins

It would be Ahab the Bun Rab Time again.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A question...

How is it that I had all last week off, and I am only working 4 days this week, why do I feel like I have been run off my feet? I just feel like this is the never ending week (The Groundhog Day of school days) It's like I have already worked the week, and I am still not done. Today was indoor recess all day. Boy howdy is that a treat. I finally gave up at about 3:00 and played games with them (I have a theory that the brain can only take in what the seat can endure) .

I have been knitting- a gorgeous teal wool tweed (Tahki Donegal Tweed) (tres Yummy) in a vest pattern. It actually is a mix of about three vest patterns (so what else is new?) I am currently on the armhole finishing, and also on a search for buttons. I was hoping for large buttons with "personality", since the vest pattern is quite plain (garter stitch borders, plain stockingnette otherwise) So I will go have a look on Easter weekend. Suggestions welcome for on-line purveyors of fine buttons, by the way.

Annie is off to Toronto on a school trip in the morning-so I had best go to bed for a little bit of shut eye (it is currently 4:15 a.m.) I started this entry last night-too sleepy to finish it, and now I am wide awake!!!!!! AAAAARRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!


Saturday, March 15, 2008

My March break projects.....

I got a couple of things finished over the past week-as you can see. The shawl is not very big- more like a shoulder scarf, really. I had two skeins of Persimmon Tree Farms wool and mohair-the colours are not showing up as well here, but trust me- really lovely- a mix of rose and a yellow- gold and a fresh green. I think it may go to an auction that a coworker has every year. The other is a wee hat for Aiden- I made it out of less than one ball of Patons SWS (soy and wool). It is extremely easy and very very soft. The pattern was a freebie on line. And you can get it here In fact, there is even a hat pattern for adults like this!!!! Way easy- cast on, join in a circle (I started with dps and ended with a short circular) Increase stitches at three corners until you have x (whatever) stitches. Then I did a three needle bind off on each "corner"- and bound the three centre stitches off as one- and that was about it! I still have to make a little doggie hat for Aiden, and then I will be done. Remember this one from last October? It's a free pattern on my blog-

And then I can knit for me (and like, maybe actually FINISH something???)
Oh- I also got a new book- Folk Style, from my in laws for my birthday. Wow- what a great book!.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Colour Me Beautiful!!!!

That Ruth (over at does some amazing things with a few rocks and a length of silver chain!!!!! Oh I had better not get cheeky-I will tell you the set up of this gorgeous thing. Twelve tourmaline teardrops, paired in matching doubles-in rich vibrant colours- dark spruce, fresh leaf, honey, maple, pink blush and rose-purple, with a stunning carved amethyst drop (scored with tiny squared facets) on a length of silver chain. A thing of beauty, don't you think? I wore it today- at my husband's insistence-this is a gift from him, you see-and I got compliments like crazy! People stopped and asked me where did I get such a thing- one woman even asked if it was a heirloom piece! I explained that it is one of the early heirlooms-to-be, for Annie. It feels so warm on my neck- like it was meant to be there. And I love it. You may recall my other gift from Sean, last year, that Ruth played a huge role in-
the necklace only, not the earrings. I have worn it, loved it, and plan on wearing it some more.

I have been knitting, as well- pictures tomorrow when they make more sense.

By the way-B.G.P.H. (Big Giant Poodle Head) is in absolute wonder and joy as to why he has his whole family home!!!!!! This morning, we happened to all be up and dressed early (going out for breakfast)-and Bear sat down sadly, looked us all over, and, with a loud sigh, clomped over to his bed and flopped himself down. When we came back from breakfast, however, well, there was dancing and general merriment! So he's happy. In fact, I took him around the circle today for a walk, and ended up taking his lead off for most of it. The sidewalks have been so badly cleared that I was afraid Bear would tug and I would be down on my knees- so I asked him if he could just walk along side me. No problem, apparently. He acted like the lead was still there- only going as far away from me as the lead would normally stretch. Hmmmmmmm.

Added later: The new Knitty is up- I have to say, Laminaria is a much see-I have a wedding to go to early June- I wonder if I need a shawl for it???????????

Monday, March 10, 2008

March Break

Husband. Snowblower. Kingston, Ontario. March Break Weekend.

Enough said.

In the meantime, this is Day 4 of the March Break-so far, we have gone shopping, Annie went to a birthday party (at that Chuck E Cheese place-man is it ever LOUD), and, well, see above for the rest of the time. Oh yes,
and Annie made her first cake................
TA DA!!!!! (Yes, isn't that a lovely shade of toothpaste in the icing???)
Apparently, this will help her on her way to the Guide Cooking badge.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

It is International Women's Day

Being a woman doesn't pay - labour congress says men still make more
March 07, 2008
OTTAWA - A new report says women are still getting paid less than men, regardless of talent, education or experience.
And the report by the Canadian Labour Congress says women who put off starting a family so they could earn a degree and build a career over the last 10 years are actually worse off than they were before.
It says the wage gap between them and their male counterparts has grown.

So what do you think about that. Hmmmmmmmm.

And don't forget to SPRING FORWARD an hour tonight at 2:00 a.m-Yeah, even the government takes a little tax out of my March Break holiday.........

Thursday, March 06, 2008


It's done, it's done!!!! My husband wanted to get me a nice piece of jewellery for my birthday. We got to thinking that, since Annie and I share a birth month, it might be nice to start getting pieces of jewellery that I could leave her. Right? And so, I asked Ruth over at Impulsive Arts (she made my necklace last year) if she had some ideas, and so we came up with a custom piece!!!!! Go and see it here- And then come back and tell me what you think!!!!!!

Oh- and my reports are ALL DONE and the kids are ALL HOME and I am now on MARCH BREAK holiday!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


And so, last night, what do you suppose Sean and I (both teachers, both under the gun to write reports for our students) were doing???? The "Ice Pellet-Freezing Rain" Dance. (Um, no pictures, it wasn't pretty) Getting up this morning, after hearing "tic tic tic" on the windows all night long, we were met with, um, well, not great, but not too bad, really. Like there was snow. And ice pellets. And some freezing rain. And a warning for more to come. So we waited for the announcements on the radio. Sure enough. All the buses were cancelled. AND SCHOOLS WERE CLOSED!

So we are convinced- our dance worked.

In the meantime, between writing "Your daughter has had some challenges this term" and "So and So continued to need support" I finished off the Mission Falls vest and hat for a co-worker's grandson. And after it was all wrapped up, I realized-I forgot to take a picture!!!!! So here is the one from Mission Falls- The book is "Wee Knits" ( a really user-friendly book with lots of great items for the 3 mos to 24 mos crowd). It is called "Ziggy"-it is the black and white striped vest. I made it in Mission Falls 1824 wool, in the exact colours (black and white with green trim), in size 24 mos., and I substituted one big black round button in place of the two wooden ones in the picture. I even made the hat (of course!!!!!!!-it has this cool curly fringe tassel on the top of it) And cute??? OMG- too sweet for words. I absolutely loved making it. And you know, when Annie was wee, I had a polar vest for her, and I often popped it on her if the house felt a bit cool. I also put it on her in the car, under her snowsuit. I found it easier to get that extra layer on her, and I didn't have to fight with the sleeves. So I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this pattern to anyone who has a need to make a wee thing for a baby (this one is for a boy, but it would also work for a girl- with a girlie button, or something really graphic). You can even make it out of the cotton if you wanted. I am actually thinking of making another one for Ruby's great grandson ( she is a good friend from Montreal), except maybe in that bright olive and cream, with a black edging-I don't know- something cute, anyway.
So-no pictures, I am now off to write reports-Ta!
Stay safe-

Saturday, March 01, 2008

March 1st........................

Question of the day.......

So tell me, did March come in like a or was it more like a
When I was up in the wee hours, it was snowing, but not bitterly cold, and certainly NOT a blizzard. And this morning, Annie was out bright and early, building snowpeople in the front yard.
I guess winter is not over yet.