Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Colour Me Beautiful!!!!

That Ruth (over at http://impulsivearts.typepad.com/knitting/) does some amazing things with a few rocks and a length of silver chain!!!!! Oh I had better not get cheeky-I will tell you the set up of this gorgeous thing. Twelve tourmaline teardrops, paired in matching doubles-in rich vibrant colours- dark spruce, fresh leaf, honey, maple, pink blush and rose-purple, with a stunning carved amethyst drop (scored with tiny squared facets) on a length of silver chain. A thing of beauty, don't you think? I wore it today- at my husband's insistence-this is a gift from him, you see-and I got compliments like crazy! People stopped and asked me where did I get such a thing- one woman even asked if it was a heirloom piece! I explained that it is one of the early heirlooms-to-be, for Annie. It feels so warm on my neck- like it was meant to be there. And I love it. You may recall my other gift from Sean, last year, that Ruth played a huge role in-
the necklace only, not the earrings. I have worn it, loved it, and plan on wearing it some more.

I have been knitting, as well- pictures tomorrow when they make more sense.

By the way-B.G.P.H. (Big Giant Poodle Head) is in absolute wonder and joy as to why he has his whole family home!!!!!! This morning, we happened to all be up and dressed early (going out for breakfast)-and Bear sat down sadly, looked us all over, and, with a loud sigh, clomped over to his bed and flopped himself down. When we came back from breakfast, however, well, there was dancing and general merriment! So he's happy. In fact, I took him around the circle today for a walk, and ended up taking his lead off for most of it. The sidewalks have been so badly cleared that I was afraid Bear would tug and I would be down on my knees- so I asked him if he could just walk along side me. No problem, apparently. He acted like the lead was still there- only going as far away from me as the lead would normally stretch. Hmmmmmmm.

Added later: The new Knitty is up- I have to say, Laminaria is a much see-I have a wedding to go to early June- I wonder if I need a shawl for it???????????


Bea said...


DianeS said...

Your necklace is even lovlier (is that even a word?) on you than it's earlier picture!

News of new Knitty and BGPH in the same post?!?!? It just doesn't get any better than that. I would let Gypsy know Bear news, but she has toddled off to bed.

Carol said...

Very pretty jewelery! So, does that mean you have got BGPH trained?

Jo Ann U. said...

hmmm nice necklace... that Annie is one lucky young lady!! BTW she looks like the Brochets!!

gaspe knitting gal said...

oh deb i am so jealous of the necklace, it is so nice, and looks nice on .