Saturday, March 15, 2008

My March break projects.....

I got a couple of things finished over the past week-as you can see. The shawl is not very big- more like a shoulder scarf, really. I had two skeins of Persimmon Tree Farms wool and mohair-the colours are not showing up as well here, but trust me- really lovely- a mix of rose and a yellow- gold and a fresh green. I think it may go to an auction that a coworker has every year. The other is a wee hat for Aiden- I made it out of less than one ball of Patons SWS (soy and wool). It is extremely easy and very very soft. The pattern was a freebie on line. And you can get it here In fact, there is even a hat pattern for adults like this!!!! Way easy- cast on, join in a circle (I started with dps and ended with a short circular) Increase stitches at three corners until you have x (whatever) stitches. Then I did a three needle bind off on each "corner"- and bound the three centre stitches off as one- and that was about it! I still have to make a little doggie hat for Aiden, and then I will be done. Remember this one from last October? It's a free pattern on my blog-

And then I can knit for me (and like, maybe actually FINISH something???)
Oh- I also got a new book- Folk Style, from my in laws for my birthday. Wow- what a great book!.

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Bea said...

Cute. I love the jester hat. How funny. The doggy is cute - do you think I could get my puppy to wear one if I knit it for him? Probably he'd like to be able to see instead :(