Wednesday, March 05, 2008


And so, last night, what do you suppose Sean and I (both teachers, both under the gun to write reports for our students) were doing???? The "Ice Pellet-Freezing Rain" Dance. (Um, no pictures, it wasn't pretty) Getting up this morning, after hearing "tic tic tic" on the windows all night long, we were met with, um, well, not great, but not too bad, really. Like there was snow. And ice pellets. And some freezing rain. And a warning for more to come. So we waited for the announcements on the radio. Sure enough. All the buses were cancelled. AND SCHOOLS WERE CLOSED!

So we are convinced- our dance worked.

In the meantime, between writing "Your daughter has had some challenges this term" and "So and So continued to need support" I finished off the Mission Falls vest and hat for a co-worker's grandson. And after it was all wrapped up, I realized-I forgot to take a picture!!!!! So here is the one from Mission Falls- The book is "Wee Knits" ( a really user-friendly book with lots of great items for the 3 mos to 24 mos crowd). It is called "Ziggy"-it is the black and white striped vest. I made it in Mission Falls 1824 wool, in the exact colours (black and white with green trim), in size 24 mos., and I substituted one big black round button in place of the two wooden ones in the picture. I even made the hat (of course!!!!!!!-it has this cool curly fringe tassel on the top of it) And cute??? OMG- too sweet for words. I absolutely loved making it. And you know, when Annie was wee, I had a polar vest for her, and I often popped it on her if the house felt a bit cool. I also put it on her in the car, under her snowsuit. I found it easier to get that extra layer on her, and I didn't have to fight with the sleeves. So I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this pattern to anyone who has a need to make a wee thing for a baby (this one is for a boy, but it would also work for a girl- with a girlie button, or something really graphic). You can even make it out of the cotton if you wanted. I am actually thinking of making another one for Ruby's great grandson ( she is a good friend from Montreal), except maybe in that bright olive and cream, with a black edging-I don't know- something cute, anyway.
So-no pictures, I am now off to write reports-Ta!
Stay safe-


Carol said...

who'd a thunk writing reports was so laborious?

Bea said...

Yay! Snow day!! I'm starting to think I could use one of those. My luck it will be on my day off.

DianeS said...

So there's where our snow day ran off to!