Wednesday, March 26, 2008


This is a pic of the vest I just finished. The yarn? Tahki Donegal Tweed in teal. I love, LOVE this yarn- the colour is richer and deeper than in the pictures (my camera wants to wash out the richness of the blue-green). I didn't really have a pattern- what I wanted was a garter stitch round neck, garter bands and garter around the bottom. I liked the black matte rectangular buttons- they look very sophisticated against the tweed. I even designed a little element in the back to allow for an increase around the bustline (gotta get the boobage taken care of). It is just a simple "vee" of eyelets to add some stitches. See?

Yeah, hard to see- but trust me- it IS there. So, I blocked each piece before I sewed it together- and's TOO BIG. I guess I over estimated. Luckily I have a friend who really likes my errors, since they usually fit her!!!!

I am totally pooped today-just a really long day. I kinda feel like Bear does in this picture.

Doesn't he look comfortable? (That is his favourite toy-the gorilla gets a stiff beating every other day or so, but then he gets loved deeply).
By the by- Bea, over at is having a contest- you might want to go over there just to see her beautiful babies- Gus and Abby- yeah it is so worth a look!


Bea said...

I've seen the stiff beating and greatly loved gimic. Its one of Gus' little things to do. He's especially fond of biting it and banging his around and then licking the spot he bit like he's sorry. Silly dogs.

Your vest is cute! The square buttons are really interesting too.

Anonymous said...

i love the vest i cant wait to get it ,

freshisle said...

Lovely vest. I love blues.
Dogs sure do know how to get comfortable, don't they?

ikkinlala said...

What a nice vest!