Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!!!

This is my mom.

This is my Mom. And today is her birthday! People who have met her usually give me an incredulous look when they realize how old Mom is-she was just turning 30 when she had me, and I am 49. So do the math!!! (and this is a recent photo of her). Mom only admits to 39, but that kind of fell apart after I turned 39!!!! Mom lives on her own, and takes care of herself-and her house (although she finally succumbed to hiring someone to mow her lawn-a huge corner lot-and plow her drive). But she is amazing!!!! She cracks me up when we go shopping together, and she spots someone "older" in line behind us. She always suggests that we let the "older lady" go ahead of us (the "older lady" is usually younger than her!!!!!!) Mom sews, quilts, knits, crochets, and cooks up a storm!! (in fact, at Christmas time, she made the fruitcake, the shortbread and a few batches of cookies for me, because I was too busy to make them! Isn't that awesome???) When we go out clothes shopping, I "make" her try on all kinds of clothes to entertain me (the two of us end up laughing like fools). Mom used to travel all over the place-Barbados, California, Florida, -all kinds of warm spots-with a friend (who has now died). She tells tales of sitting on their balcony in their nighties drinking rum!!! (Yeah, she will kill me if she knows I put that little tidbit on line) (and I may get some way kinky google connections from THAT one).

But my mother is really one in a million. Happy Birthday, Mother!!!! We love you!


Bea said...

Happy Birthday Deb's Mom!!

KnitTech said...

Happy B Day Deb's Mom!!