Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Annie's Party

Well, we had a blast. Sean rented an airplane, and gave every little girl (and one boy!) a tour of the city by air. We thought it made for memorable party times! And no one threw up (of course, I didn't let them eat BEFORE they got on the airplane!). Everyone got a "Young Eagles" certificate (for their first flight in a small airplane) And Annie's cousins came down-you can see them here in their hats from Aunt Deb (that would be me)I also made one for their mom, but she isn't wearing it in this picture.

And, before I forget pic of another finished object-my idiot strings mittens-made out of Hobby Kids by Schoeller Stahl-I LOVE this stuff-tweedy but with a nice wooly feel.
Writing report cards this week-hmmmm do I need to spell conscientious? Love spellcheck.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Hmm- and what was I doing ten years ago?????My little girlie is now 10- "double digits are the way to go, Mom"-and who am I to argue that point?????

She is everything I ever wanted in a daughter-

I love you, Annie- Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Post #290.....

And people thought I didn't have much to say...imagine that????

Well, we survived the school ski trip. I have to say, the comfort of the seats on the so called "excursion" buses is highly over-rated. I am still trying to get my poor old knees to smarten up. We had one minor injury- one of our boys had a tumble and hurt his knee (not badly-it got worse when the girls were flocking around, and then it got miraculously better....hmmm). There was another "occurrence" that I am still working through. The deal is this-the rentals included skis, helmets, but no poles. When the instructors gave each kid a test, then they either went into a lesson or got their poles to go and ski on the harder hills. Two of the boys performed a wee short cut-they swiped poles from the racks and off they went. The couple (who owned the poles) finally tracked down who had swiped them and came to me. So, we are still working that out. I just don't get it- these kids have everything in the world, and they had to do that. I just don't know what to do about these kids. And now I have another day to stew about it-today is the McGinty Government's "Family Day". I don't really have lots of plans- some marking, some knitting, and then a big family dinner tonight with mom (she is coming here-I think we are doing barbecued shrimp).

On the knitting front- I DID finish a pair of mitts- Schoeller and Stahl Hobby Kids in a blue tweed-I even idiot stringed them!

And for some reaon or other, I can't get blogger to include a picture, or to check spelling. Hmmm- Maybe later!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


C-R-A-Z-Y!!!!!! Yup- that is how life is this week. School is getting busier and busier, report cards are due in a couple of weeks, I have an all day ski trip with my students (Me? Ski? Nope- I am all chalet bunny, all of the time. But it makes for an extremely LONG day). And, a whole lotta things I don't want to talk about on a blog- because it is entirely likely that part of the problem reads this blog-so, suffice it to say, I am fine. I am not sick. Just extraordinarily BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me...and the winner is........

This morning, Annie and I wrote out all the names from the contest (over 50 of them) and got this(see the picture above) and (drum roll please)(that's Annie's hand, by the way).....the winner is.................................

Ruth from Ottawa!!!!!!!!!!!

If you would email me with your address, I can send your prize on its merry way!

Thank you to everyone who participated- I will post a couple of the responses early next week!

Edited later.......

As I ws cruising through my usual Sunday morning bunch of blogs (I usually get caught up on Sunday mornings, seeing how much I have missed during the week), I came across the "tempest in a teapot" which is the Harlot's comment section. And so, I have to comment here. And I will start with a story. When I am driving around in my car, and I stop at red lights, my eyes are often drawn to the cars around me-I like to make sure I know what and who is really close to me. I honestly believe that some people consider their cars "super private", and that they will never get caught doing certain things, because they are in their "super private" cars. Yeah, people picking their noses, re-arranging their underwear, pulling unknown items out of their ears, talking LOUDLY on cell phones- all matter of (hopefully) private activities (I've seen even worse than this list). The only explanation I can come up with is that these people think they are above any kind of reproach, because they are doing (whatever) in their cars, and they have any and every right to do what they please because they are in their private cars. Yeah, but the view is pretty damn public. And yes, I could stare straight ahead, but that, in itself, is weird. For me, anyway. Now, to segue into the blogging comments over at the Harlot's. You get these people who start out their comments by saying "I hate to say this, but..." or else they say something horrid and then say "sorry", as if that will absolve them. (By the way, if one starts with "I hate to say this but", you can be assured they are just dying to say it and that it will be hurtful to someone) If one won't do "x" right in front of a person- like one's mother in law or boss or best friend, why is it that the "super privacy" of cars or of comment sections allow one have free rein to do that disgusting thing????? And yes, I think referring to someone's handiwork as "fugly" is a disgusting thing. I don't work on my knitting to be shot down. I don't write a blog to be shot down. And I know I am going to get a comment that will say"If you only want to hear happy and good things, then you are immature and unrealistic, and you shouldn't put out your thoughts in a public manner." Okay- I hear you, whoever wants to say that. But a question-why is it that people who are "just being honest" are nasty little beings? Why can't they "just be honest" and say something really nice??? Or, getting back to my car example- why should I, and my 9 year old, be exposed to someone else's questionable hygiene habits in the car. Yes, I would say I don't have to look. But the reality is- even if I don't look, I know it is there!!!! So, for the Harlot- even if I don't read through the comments to read the nasty ones, I know it is there, and I feel for her. Is there a reason why people feel the need to be rude and hurtful in their comments? Yes, I realize that you have a right to your truth and your opinion. But really- why?

The Harlot uses the comparison to her living room and her couch. Would someone come in and say "Hey Stephanie- your house looks great but that is one fugly couch." Not likely. So- is the comment section any different than inviting someone into your living room for a chat? Or is my expectations for civility and courtesy too much to ask? I don't think so.

And now, since it is my birthday and I will do whatever I wish today- I am off to a watercolour painting class with a good friend-we are going to go and PAINT!!!!!!!

PS_ My spellchecker is not working on blogger-so my apologies if my typing has issues.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Last Day.....

Don't forget- today is the last day to enter my contest- Annie and I are going to write all of your names on itty bitty pieces of paper tomorrow, and then we will make the draw!

C'mon! You know ya wanna........

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I really have a good friend

And her name is Ruby. Today I got a huge package from her- and what prey tell, was inside this big bag? Well, let me tell you- 22 skeins of Harrisville Designs New England Shetland!!!!! In 5 colours- 9 of Garnet, and 3 each of Blackberry, Foliage, Red and Magenta. Initially, it was meant to be this:

This is a Vivian Hoxbro design, called Wine Leaves, and all of the colours in this tunic were part of the kit. Unfortunately, the instructions and the yarn were put away separately, and the pattern is AWOL. So, I went onto the site- http://www.viv.dk/English/default.htm
and this is what Vivian Hoxbro wrote:

Very close to where I live, is a house covered with Japanese Ivy - we call it Wine. The wine leaves have the most fascinating brown, red and purple colors in October. Every year I decorate the birthday-table with these leaves. They were the inspiration for the reddish version of this design. Next I wanted a spring version in green and blue colors and the newest is a great greyish version.

Knitting Procedure
The jacket is worked in Domino-squares knitted together as you go.First you work the left part of the Back, then you add the Center Band to it and work the right part joined to the rest of the Back. The front is worked the same way. The shoulders are knitted onto the Front (in 2 parts) and the sleeves will be worked separately.Add a collar and zipper to the jacket. "

Now I have Hoxbro's wee book, "Domino Knitting". Honest to Pete, it is the best book on understanding modular knitting. She takes you through a series of potholders- shows you all the ins and outs of modular knittng, and variations, and cables you might add, and then the i-cord edging, and all of ITS variations. Just a marvellous book from which to learn. While this design is not in the book, there are all of the pieces one would need, along with those pithy instructions (yeah, I have been reading EZ again) to make this jacket come to life. Hot damn it is a beauty. And the colours- well, let's just say- they are the exact colours of my coats and sweaters and such, that I wear, along with all of the black pants and turtlenecks. Isn't it gorgeous!!!!!!! Oh Ruby- you really are too good to me. (By the way, she is getting something in return, but she what she asked for, and what this kit is worth, well, there's quite a difference).

This makes my fingers itch-but I can't start yet another project without finishing some things!!! But as soon as my way is clear...............

Added later- I went onto Ravelry (gee I love that place) (as addictive as it is) and I saw that there is a similar pattern- called Greensleeves Tunic from the 1997 Interwewave Knits (which I have in my magazine library) Problem solved-that is the pattern!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The contest!!!!

Hi again! I have made a decision-I will make the draw for the lovely prize package, featuring a sheep knitting bag,(scroll down and you will see it again) on (drum roll please) February 10th!!!! Why? Because it's my birthday, so that is a day all about presents, and that cheers me up, so it sounded like a good idea. I have had all kinds of entries- from funny stuff to do, all the way to an entry in verse! I promise to post some of them after the contest is over, because there will still be a lot of winter left over in February!!

This morning I am going to meet with a friend, Julia, for Sunday morning breakfast. I met her when we worked together at my last school. Julia is a real peach- you know the kind of person that just makes me happy to hang out with. Although we are similar ages, her two girls are off getting their careers in order-one as an artist, considering art restoration, and the other, at med school. (You should see these girls-they look like models!!!) But other than that, we do have a lot in common. Mostly we just giggle. Always a cure for the doldrums! So-off I go- see ya!!!

P.S. Please don't forget to enter the contest-and if you mention it on your blog, let me know- I will put in a second ticket for you!!!!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Today it is doing this

and this
So I am trying to cheer you up with this-the prize package! (well, there might be a little more in it- a surprise kind of a thing, you know-)

A sheep bag (here you can see how big it is-and the fact that it is brand new- with tags). And a new knitting mag. And three balls of cherry red Tibet (one of my favourite all time yarns-now discontinued) But enough to make a pair of mitts (yes, I can give you a pattern, too) or a hat.
So enter the contest!!!!!!!