Monday, February 18, 2008

Post #290.....

And people thought I didn't have much to say...imagine that????

Well, we survived the school ski trip. I have to say, the comfort of the seats on the so called "excursion" buses is highly over-rated. I am still trying to get my poor old knees to smarten up. We had one minor injury- one of our boys had a tumble and hurt his knee (not badly-it got worse when the girls were flocking around, and then it got miraculously better....hmmm). There was another "occurrence" that I am still working through. The deal is this-the rentals included skis, helmets, but no poles. When the instructors gave each kid a test, then they either went into a lesson or got their poles to go and ski on the harder hills. Two of the boys performed a wee short cut-they swiped poles from the racks and off they went. The couple (who owned the poles) finally tracked down who had swiped them and came to me. So, we are still working that out. I just don't get it- these kids have everything in the world, and they had to do that. I just don't know what to do about these kids. And now I have another day to stew about it-today is the McGinty Government's "Family Day". I don't really have lots of plans- some marking, some knitting, and then a big family dinner tonight with mom (she is coming here-I think we are doing barbecued shrimp).

On the knitting front- I DID finish a pair of mitts- Schoeller and Stahl Hobby Kids in a blue tweed-I even idiot stringed them!

And for some reaon or other, I can't get blogger to include a picture, or to check spelling. Hmmm- Maybe later!


DianeS said...

We have today off also (President's Day) and even all week (Winter Break). My plans only include the possibility of wrangling some dust buffalo.

As far as the boys...I think it's the age...they really don't seem to think past the next 30 seconds or so. I'm sure you handled it well at the ski resort and will get it taken care of at the school end, too.

Carol said...

Maybe the kids didn't realize the poles weren't for the taking? Or maybe they figured they wouldn't get caught and/or consequences wouldn't be forthcoming?

Miss Scarlett said...

You know - sometimes that seems to be the way. Our group of kids go on a lot of field trips. We just went to an indoor gymnasium with laser tag.

2 of the 9 kids decided they didn't need to listen and didn't come back when they were supposed to. So. No laser tag for them. They were upset for about 15 minutes. Sheesh.

Anyways...I totally agree with you re: previous post of Yarn Harlot. I find it unbelievable the things people just 'have to say'. There is no reason to say it -- or rather, write it. Say it to someone with you - your cat maybe. Or buy a journal. You don't have to lie and say you like something you don't, but there is no point to being rude just because you can be.

It's infuriating. And sort of depressing - that no matter where you go, there those people are. Ah well.

Hope your problem gets resolved soon.

freshisle said...

I think the bus ride is always the worst part of school trips. There always seems to be at least one incident to deal with. Too bad.
Good luck with reports!