Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Annie's Party

Well, we had a blast. Sean rented an airplane, and gave every little girl (and one boy!) a tour of the city by air. We thought it made for memorable party times! And no one threw up (of course, I didn't let them eat BEFORE they got on the airplane!). Everyone got a "Young Eagles" certificate (for their first flight in a small airplane) And Annie's cousins came down-you can see them here in their hats from Aunt Deb (that would be me)I also made one for their mom, but she isn't wearing it in this picture.

And, before I forget pic of another finished object-my idiot strings mittens-made out of Hobby Kids by Schoeller Stahl-I LOVE this stuff-tweedy but with a nice wooly feel.
Writing report cards this week-hmmmm do I need to spell conscientious? Love spellcheck.

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DianeS said...

What a cool thing to do!