Friday, February 01, 2008

Today it is doing this

and this
So I am trying to cheer you up with this-the prize package! (well, there might be a little more in it- a surprise kind of a thing, you know-)

A sheep bag (here you can see how big it is-and the fact that it is brand new- with tags). And a new knitting mag. And three balls of cherry red Tibet (one of my favourite all time yarns-now discontinued) But enough to make a pair of mitts (yes, I can give you a pattern, too) or a hat.
So enter the contest!!!!!!!


trek said...

Aw, that's such a cute sheep!

DianeS said...

Now, now, the fewer the entries, the better my chances!

Awesome Mom said...

Cute prize!! I am so glad that I live in Northern California where I only have to be bummed that it is raining yet again.

Turtle said...

Very cute and generous prize,freaking cute sheep! i found you and am enjoying lurking and surfing through your blog. Enjoy your weekend, i just emailed you!