Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I really have a good friend

And her name is Ruby. Today I got a huge package from her- and what prey tell, was inside this big bag? Well, let me tell you- 22 skeins of Harrisville Designs New England Shetland!!!!! In 5 colours- 9 of Garnet, and 3 each of Blackberry, Foliage, Red and Magenta. Initially, it was meant to be this:

This is a Vivian Hoxbro design, called Wine Leaves, and all of the colours in this tunic were part of the kit. Unfortunately, the instructions and the yarn were put away separately, and the pattern is AWOL. So, I went onto the site- http://www.viv.dk/English/default.htm
and this is what Vivian Hoxbro wrote:

Very close to where I live, is a house covered with Japanese Ivy - we call it Wine. The wine leaves have the most fascinating brown, red and purple colors in October. Every year I decorate the birthday-table with these leaves. They were the inspiration for the reddish version of this design. Next I wanted a spring version in green and blue colors and the newest is a great greyish version.

Knitting Procedure
The jacket is worked in Domino-squares knitted together as you go.First you work the left part of the Back, then you add the Center Band to it and work the right part joined to the rest of the Back. The front is worked the same way. The shoulders are knitted onto the Front (in 2 parts) and the sleeves will be worked separately.Add a collar and zipper to the jacket. "

Now I have Hoxbro's wee book, "Domino Knitting". Honest to Pete, it is the best book on understanding modular knitting. She takes you through a series of potholders- shows you all the ins and outs of modular knittng, and variations, and cables you might add, and then the i-cord edging, and all of ITS variations. Just a marvellous book from which to learn. While this design is not in the book, there are all of the pieces one would need, along with those pithy instructions (yeah, I have been reading EZ again) to make this jacket come to life. Hot damn it is a beauty. And the colours- well, let's just say- they are the exact colours of my coats and sweaters and such, that I wear, along with all of the black pants and turtlenecks. Isn't it gorgeous!!!!!!! Oh Ruby- you really are too good to me. (By the way, she is getting something in return, but she what she asked for, and what this kit is worth, well, there's quite a difference).

This makes my fingers itch-but I can't start yet another project without finishing some things!!! But as soon as my way is clear...............

Added later- I went onto Ravelry (gee I love that place) (as addictive as it is) and I saw that there is a similar pattern- called Greensleeves Tunic from the 1997 Interwewave Knits (which I have in my magazine library) Problem solved-that is the pattern!!!!!!!


DianeS said...

Ooh, pretty! Modular knitting has been catching my interest lately, too.

KnitTech said...

Wow, that's going to be beautiful. Can't wait see how it turns out.

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh what a lovely gift!

I cannot wait to see the work on this project - and the finished item of course.

It is going to be so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous sweater - mine is the colours in the INterweave pattern. I loved making it. Tiny yarn! Have fun Robyn

Turtle said...


Elaine said...

What a great gift. And what a great friend you must be to deserve such a gift - happy birthday!!

Rachel O said...

Oh fabulous. Maybe I'll get something like that for MY birthday (fat chance - is there something akin to coal in your stocking for birthdays? :-) )

Can't wait to see what the yarn becomes.