Sunday, February 03, 2008

The contest!!!!

Hi again! I have made a decision-I will make the draw for the lovely prize package, featuring a sheep knitting bag,(scroll down and you will see it again) on (drum roll please) February 10th!!!! Why? Because it's my birthday, so that is a day all about presents, and that cheers me up, so it sounded like a good idea. I have had all kinds of entries- from funny stuff to do, all the way to an entry in verse! I promise to post some of them after the contest is over, because there will still be a lot of winter left over in February!!

This morning I am going to meet with a friend, Julia, for Sunday morning breakfast. I met her when we worked together at my last school. Julia is a real peach- you know the kind of person that just makes me happy to hang out with. Although we are similar ages, her two girls are off getting their careers in order-one as an artist, considering art restoration, and the other, at med school. (You should see these girls-they look like models!!!) But other than that, we do have a lot in common. Mostly we just giggle. Always a cure for the doldrums! So-off I go- see ya!!!

P.S. Please don't forget to enter the contest-and if you mention it on your blog, let me know- I will put in a second ticket for you!!!!


Turtle said...

Hey Deb, hope you had a great breakfast! I have been relaxing and cooking a little for a bunch of friends coming over today. Lol, somehow everyone invited themselves over for a superbowl party! Oh well, will be fun...and they're getting healthy food options whether they like it or not!

I just linked your contest! (love that sheep!)

trek said...

February birthday - like Lincoln and Washington and LeVar Burton.