Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Missie A.

Well, she is still no better. So we piled her into the car and took her down to the walk-in clinic that is affiliated with our family doctor. The doctor on call looked at her, said she didn't look so good, thought it might very well be a nasty virus, and then heard her cough. "Hmmm," said the doc, "I think I need to listen to her lungs. " Then she wrote out a request for a chest xray, saying that she couldn't be positive, since it was very noisy around the examination room, but she thinks Annie might have pneumonia. Poor kidlet. And no school until she has her energy back and has started to eat again. So I had taken off Monday. Sean took today and tomorrow. I will take Thursday off, and maybe my mother will do Friday (but only if Annie is more on the mend- my mother is nearing 80- and I really don't want her sick for Christmas.)

A funny little aside- my mother may be nearing 80, but she still looks like some of my 60 ish friends!!!!!!!


Carol said...

Crap. I am behind on my blog-reading and just read this post after I commented on the last one. Jeez. Pneumonia? That sucks. although it would explain feeling ill! She's a tough kid.

DianeS said...

Hopefully she'll be up and running soon! I bet Bear is loving having her home to snuggle with.

Miss Scarlett said...

Eek - pneumonia - poor Annie.

Let her have a lot of rest - pneumonia is a hard thing to get over.

Anonymous said...

Poor Annie, so sick, and also your mum is younger than i am ( not in age but looks and action. ruby

Miss Scarlett said...

just dropping a line to let you know you were one of the winners for my bloggiversary!

hope annie is on the mend