Saturday, December 08, 2007

Knitters' magazine and Knitty

I used to be a staunch Knitters' magazine supporter. So much so, that I reasoned away the weird phase they went through as "just an occasional blip". You know the weird stuff-man- that was the time of sweaters that looked like the moths had held a convention in them, and hats that resembled head wraps gone bad. You know what I am talking about. So, I let my subscription lapse, in favour of Interweave Knits (which truly is a superior production-and I will always keep my subscription to that one). I have been monitoring the Knitters' magazine fairly closely- and well, I dunno. Is it worth it for the two or three good designs? Deborah Newton- always good. Kathy Zimmerman. Celeste Pinheiro, Jean Frost, Gitta Schrade, Norah Gaughan- can always be counted on for something interesting. But I have noticed that, in particular, the last issue, the sizing is getting narrowed again (as in XL for many is 48' chest) (what's up with that???) So I get the occasional Knitters', but am not yet ready to commit to a subscription. In fact, there are a couple of men's sweaters in the most recent issue that would suit a female better than a male!!!!!! (go and see- you will spot them right away!) So- no commitment there.

But Knitty! Holy Cow- the wee tiny on line magazine that started with some volunteer designers (myself included) has grown into a very slick and quite wonderful work! The most recent one has at least 4 things I would like to make- in particular- Abotanicity (**************), Matrix, Azure and Jeanie- and check out Dahlia- a HIGH SCHOOL student designed and knit that! Bloody amazing.
And it doesn't cost me the $7.95 Can. to buy a mediocre mag.

Now, these are all my own opinions- but what do you think?

Added later- My Annie is sick AGAIN. When she was about 4, she developed a very nasty virus- we ended up in CHEO- in Ottawa- for 3 weeks-and we were told that her immune system was going to be funky for awhile, but then she'd be fine. Okay- we went through that. But this kidlet has been sick every weekend (and during the week, as well) since September!!!!!! And this past weekend- she even missed one of her very best friend's dress up and birthday party!!! By Saturday noon, she was saying that she really did understand that she wasn't going to her friend's party- she knew how awful she felt. Poor kid.
Any ideas for remedies?? (and yes, she eats properly, gets enough sleep, takes vitamins, washes her hands regularly, plays outside when she is all bundled up). What's up with this?


Anonymous said...

Celiac disease? Mold at school?

DianeS said...

Poor Annie...give her extra hugs. Last time I was sick for an extended period it did turn out to be allergies. I narrowed it down to mold at work. Claritin did the trick for me.

I agree with you...Knitty just rocks and has fabulous patterns. It's my "go to" knitting magazine.

Carrie K said...

Poor Annie. I grew up sickly like that and it was mostly (unavoidable) allergies to things like Nature. If only I'd learned to knit back then.

That sweater is darling! I've only partially knit the lion rucksack out of that Zoe Moller book.

None of the knitting mags are sparking me right now, which is probably a good thing. They were taking over my house.

Carol said...

If it's mostly on the weekends, it could be something in the home environment. Is your house really well inuslated and sealed up? Maybe you should change the air in it. I know it sounds weird, but with modern keep-the-heat-in products, our houses are a lot more airtight than they used to be. What this can mean is that fumes from stuff (everything from cleansers to your handsoap) can accumulate. Some people find that if they open a window for 15 minutes a day (I know, unenvironmental-but if it helps your daughter's health, who cares)it helps with the illness. Another possibility is that she is eating a tad differently than when she is at school (more fibre for instance) and that change makes her feel icky.